european puff pastry recipes

Cuisine: European, Pastry. Some Amazing French Pastry Recipes Await You! Back in 1806 to 1814 the French occupied Hamburg and during that time a so called “Franzbrot” was made which is known as baguette today. ... For us, potica is an original Slovak recipe handed down within the Gadzo family. by Marcus Bean. Welcome to Andrej’s European Pastry! There are a number of things that France is known for: Its stunning architecture, fascinating history, unique culture, and – of course – its cuisine. For decades, we have been wrapping moist walnut (or poppy seed) filling into thinly-rolled sweet bread and then baking until it’s soft and rich. Used for sweet or savoury dishes. The Franzbrötchen cinnamon rolls from Hamburg is a traditional pastry of the German city Hamburg. Garnish with melted chocolate or a dusting of confectioners' sugar. With the first part, I rolled the dough into a rectangle, lined it with slices of Cooked Ham and Shredded Gruyere … This time, I decided to make 2 recipes with the Homemade Puff Pastry, a savory and a sweet. Puff pastry recipes. About Our Potica. A quick and easy rough puff pastry recipe for deliciously crispy, flaky, buttery puff pastry that you can make from scratch in 30 minutes. Order Online. How to make puff pastry. Puff pastry with a custard cream filling. In fact, French culture is rooted in being social and enjoying a variety of flavors wherever possible! A very light pastry made in layers that expand when cooked, leaving large air pockets inside. How to make a Savory Filling for Puff Pastry.

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