examples of brand community

“A specialized, non-geographically bound community, based on a structured set of social relations among admirers of a brand” ( Muniz & O’Guinn, 2001 , p. 412). Figment. Brand communities are simply groups of delighted customers who rally around the values of a particular brand and the value that brand represents. A successful brand community will feature all three of these relationships, and structuring your community to enable these interactions should be a key part of your engagement strategy. Apple is the perfect example of how brand communities can be developed and maintained by creating a social movement that reflects the values of your target audience. Fashion Communities 1. A brand community is a specialized, non-geographically bound community, based on a structured set of social relations among admirers of a brand. Get help you design, build, and manage your community Learn more in: Advertising in the World of Social Media-Based Brand Communities 3. Let’s look at some examples. One of the world’s biggest publishers, Random House, has this online book community that has more than 300,000 users. It’s is non-geographical and specialized, and includes customers (Muniz Jr. & O’guinn, 2001). 1. Create identifiable brand elements: As with any community, brand communities must be able to offer its members unique identifiable community elements in terms of terminologies, icons, symbols and spokespersons. If you want to build a thriving enterprise, you have to identify, embrace, embody, and articulate a brand purpose that inspires your audience to connect with you. To build a strong, engaged and loyal community around your brand, you need to know these four essentials. The most successful companies have one characteristic in common--community. This pays off tremendously – the brand becomes synonymous with the community itself, guaranteeing relevance, sales and longevity for the brand for as long as it remains relevant to the community. A brand community is a community formed of social relations to a product or a brand. Includes top 10 lists in tech, retail, entertainment and by platform. November 21, 2018. 21. In a brand community, such rituals and traditions are predominantly related to the brand – the usage of the brand, the occasion of use of the brand, the associations with the brand, knowledge about the brand, willingness to participate in brand related activities and such. A brand online community is one way in which people who have a “shared consciousness” in relation to a brand come together. These communities have become increasingly prevalent on the Internet, and integrate content and communication. You will also see some prime examples of successful purposeful brands. Food is by nature a vessel for culture, family, and community, so giving fans a way to interact with the brand in personal ways has proven hugely successful. While the term “brand community” might be new to you, the concept certainly isn’t. Apple. Browse a list of 1500+ examples of online communities created by the world's top brands. In this article, you will learn how purpose can make your brand more attractive. Here are 8 online brand communities that are definitely doing it right. How to Drive Brand Loyalty and Community [+4 Examples] By Tim Peckover. This article introduces the idea of brand community.

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