factors affecting partition coefficient

partition coefficient parameter; and (2) the geochemical aqueous solution and sorbent properties that are most important in controlling adsorption/retardation behavior of selected contaminants. Partition coefficients are described as the concentration ratio of a chemical amidst the two media at equilibrium. Read more Article The value of the partition coefficient is affected by factors such as temperature, insufficient mutual phase saturation, pH and buffer ions and their concentration, as well as the nature of the solvents used and solute examined (Dearden and Bresnen 1988). Rate of a Chemical Reaction: Modifying Factors Next Lesson . The measurement of partition coefficient has number of applications: Multiple extraction is a process in which extraction is carried out in a number of successive operation using a given amount of solvent in small proportions. Partition Coefficients and Distribution Ratios . Solubility, Partition coefficient, Effect of pH, Factors affecting solubility, Nernst distribution coefficient INTRODUCTION: Quantitatively solubility is defined as the concentration of solute in a saturated solution at a certain temperature and qualitatively it may define as the spontaneous interaction of two or more substances to form a homogeneous molecular dispersion. However, the partition coefficients of an uncharged solute in two different two-phase systems of identical Δw2, in general, are unequal. The media can be gases such as air, liquids such as water or olive oil, or complex mixtures such as blood or other tissues. Similarly, drugs can be extracted from the reaction medium and fermentation broth. Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. Factors Affecting Partition Coefficient There are some factors which affect the value of partition coefficient. Examples of other reactions that affect extraction efficiency include acid–base reactions and complexation reactions. Partition Coefficient: Definition and Calculation .

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