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Caleb was unable to figure out what it was so they decided to interrogate the drow. Fjord decided to put his head in the pool sitting in the center of the room. [41] He later worked on the Tide's Breath under Vandran. [121], In Dashilla's lair during "The Diver's Grave" (2x44), Fjord pushed to explore what would happen should they drop some blood onto a runic altar, appealing to Caleb's sense of curiosity. Fjord said he had heard Jester singing, although he also wondered if he might have imagined it. Since Fjord made the falchion his pact weapon (a pact feature he chose and acquired at level 3), these changes appear to have become permanent. And now all of a sudden, I have this power; and I feel like it's a shortcut and I've been cheating myself. This fueled the race to claim Uk'otoa's boon in "Dubious Pursuits" (2x40), which she won.[156]. C8 [84] Fjord helped search the ruins of Brenatto apothecary and went with the group to meet Old Edith and Luc Brenatto. [116] Fjord is allergic to Caleb's (sometimes) cat familiar, Frumpkin.[117]. Fjord thanked Nott for sharing that information with the group and told her she does not need to look out for Caleb alone. Fjord is "near thirty" according to Travis. Caleb would later go on to do exactly this, casting Wall of Fire between Avantika and the Nein to give them a chance to get her diary to the Plank King and expose her. A voice called out to him saying, "Come with me, child". Chapters Fjord had at one point worked to take care of, load, and offload goods onto a ship called the Pink Giver. He explained that Vandran had been a man of great renown and respect, and Fjord had wanted to emulate him, "to be him. C5 13 He felt like the death was partially his fault for not being able to fight back when the Iron Shepherds kidnapped him. After Fjord defeated a nergaliid and left Trostenwald, the patron came to him in a dream. The Mighty Nein met Captain Avantika and all gave fake names. Beau put herself forward as Fjord's first mate whilst on the sea,[99] a position she seems to take seriously. Uk'otoa began to chew Fjord into a paste. While talking about the upcoming meeting with Ludinus Da'leth, Caduceus warned Fjord about being tempted back into old habits. Fjord began to file down his tusks regularly and got teased about them less.[40]. While spending some downtime in Zadash, Fjord rode off toward Nicodranas to see if he could find any information about Sabian. Afterwards, Nott treated Fjord with hostility. During their time in captivity, Jester and he had kept close to each other after being separated from Yasha. Moreover, whenever the sword was summoned, a small jet of sea water was shot from the user's hand, and the blade continued producing sea water for as long as it was summoned. (Fjord to Jester), Fjord: (to Beauregard) "You know when someone makes you feel a way that you don't think you have any right to feel or you never thought that you might?". [34], Fjord was orphaned and grew up not knowing who his parents were in a place called the Driftwood Asylum. This is quite good, depending on the weapon found. Travis announces Fjord's first paladin level, See from 2x102 through 1:06:13. He felt a strange hunger. He tried to speak to it, but it responded only in single words: "Watching. Fjord had another dream in which he was standing in a lush, green forest. She also claimed that Fjord seduced and manipulated her by using the memory of Vandran against her. . The group was invited by Mollymauk Tealeaf to a show put on by the The Fletching and Moondrop Traveling Carnival of Curiosities. Fjord accepted the offer, and soon after became a warlock/paladin of Melora. Nott insisted that Caleb and her had been very clear that they only agreed to come along for the money. After her execution, Fjord used her journal to pinpoint the location of the next temple of Uk'otoa, apparently in the jungles of the Menagerie Coast north of Nicodranas. [37][38], As a child, Fjord was a chubby, short, mis-proportioned stumpy kid with big teeth. // However, whenever he consumes a new weapon, the previous is lost forever... the item and enchantment now taken by his patron. Fjord told the others about how he used to be teased and bullied for having tusks as a kid, so he would file them away to make himself more presentable. The Norwegian coastline is known as a "generous" fishing ground, thought to be due to marine life found in recently discovered coral reefs discovered along the bottom of their fjords. He participated in the heist on the High-Richter's estate, securing entrance for the party with Jester by disguising themselves as Prucine and a crownsguard escorting her.

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