fender jazz bass mexican 5 string review

Mexico (2) United States (7) 15873 Fretted or Fretless Clear Facets. (47.62 mm) (3) 47988 Accessories Included Clear Facets. Updated with two bi-pole pickups and American Jazz Bass knobs. The neck was bowed (maybe an issue with just mine?) The upgraded Deluxe Active Jazz Bass was designed with the gigging bass player in mind. Id pick a MIM over squier anyday. “My Fender Jazz Bass Mexican guitar was a Saturday...” Written on: 20/11/2006 by vonbrown (1 review written) My Fender Jazz Bass Mexican guitar was a Saturday afternoon impulse buy, to indulge my mid-life crisis (well, it's cheaper than a Porsche). The B wasn't floppy but not exactly clear and precise, kind of in between. Based on this specimen, this bass really can do it all. Fretted (9) 47923 Number of Frets Clear Facets. It was a good bass however. The bass that was sent for this review is the Fender Deluxe Active 4 String Jazz Bass. and the pickups weren't the quietest in the world either. Maple (4) Pau Ferro (2) Rosewood (2) 47938 Nut Width Clear Facets. Having spent some time with this bass, it is easy to see, and hear, exactly why Geddy returned to using his Jazz basses - and considering that this is the cheaper model in the range, we wonder what the results would be if we lined up 10 examples of this Mexican model and compared them against each other. I got it for about 120$ . 1.875 in. Fender, a household name among many bassists and guitarists, has just recently released the Fender Deluxe Active Jazz Bass, available in 4 or 5 string models. Standard Jazz Bass incorporates many Fender's features such as the offset waist body and ultra slim fast-action neck. Right Handed (10) 45360 Fingerboard Material Clear Facets. My first 5 string was a MIM fender V jazz in midnight wine. Read Guest's review of the Fender Jazz Bass (Mexican), 5 of 23 Fender Jazz Bass (Mexican) reviews, & compare with other Bass Guitars at Review Centre The string spacing and neck were comfortable enough. 20 (6) 21 (2) 1972 Left- or Right-Handed Clear Facets.

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