ffxi ninja solo leveling guide

Play it how you like it. Since there aren’t an enormous number of Katana to choose from, look toward purchasing the ones with better stat enhancements and damage per second. Ninja Tool Expertise: Occasionally allows the use of ninjutsu without consuming ninja tools. However, they’re quite weak in general. (Kurayami, Hojo, Jubaku, Weaponskill, Provoke, Berserk + WS, Yonin). If you're looking at today's FFXI though, this is where you want to be focusing your attention. You basically looked for any katana with good base damage. Which is a good thing to consider seeing as how Tarutaru lack high strength. The prime money-jettisoning support job, yet probably one of the best. That specifically means put time into Sky and kill. This will hopefully generate a lot more hate than before (and make up for not using Shurikens unless you actually spent the money on them). Ninja is the only job that can equip single-handed Katana, Shuriken throwing weapons, and use Ninjutsu spells. These are the levels where SAMs get meditate, RNGs get barrage and DRKs get Souleater, they all will make it very difficult to hold hate. It also has the added bonus of giving some amount of Enmity when you parry. That is a good thing about FFXI. Then Epona's ring is the answer to that. Unfortunately, Scholar doesn’t get a lot of spells to call its own. It doesn’t mean they’re the only jobs that ever sub it, and they’re sure not only capable of subbing Ninja, but that’s what parties generally want. Afterwards, you just treat it like your Brutal Earring and never take it off. Now at 99, fighting him is significantly easier, but can be troublesome if you don't know what you're doing. Ocelot Trousers is a great piece. A good place to understand about hate would be. Blade: Ten is decent for damage, but Jin is what you want to be using. Attack speed is really where NIN is a contender with damage. 35 Armor pieces. But I digress. The aftermath would be great, but Kamu isn't that great for damage considering your alternatives. And should the situation arise that someone rips hate off you or you're hit with a hate reset move you can always use Souleater or Last Resort to spike up hate. You can see it coming, it has a countdown, and more than likely it's going to one-shot most people who aren't prepared to take the hit. Learn to cast a Ni spell in between hits in the order listed above. This sub is still a good sub, albeit a little obsolete with the zerg style fights that Voidwatch has introduced. Parties also seem to want Blue Mage to sub Ninja, but unless the situation is begging for it, the lack of bonuses this sub provides are highly outweighed by the bonuses it does provide. You’re given access to Harness, Leather, Far-Eastern gear, and even Chainmail. So TP bodies are really player's choice as to which they prefer. Hochomasamune will shave off nearly 10% off your Utsusemi casting, so it's a great utility weapon that you could offhand that still provides 10 DEX. Start equip swapping the Ninja Hatsuburi to help land enfeebles. Here we go, the Elemental Ni Wheel. The basic setup needed would be NIN, a competent healer, and a stunner, preferably BLM/SCH or SCH/BLM. https://ffxiclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/How-To_Guide:_Ninja?oldid=1609079. I started using Dorado Sushi exclusively for when I needed to tank from this point. Start using that Provoke. If you were lucky and had Dusk +1 and a 6% Haste Belt when they were expensive/hard to get you would be sitting on 22% haste from gear. This guide will give concise, yet comprehensive, instructions on completing each Assault, as well as giving a recommended job/subjob combination, difficulty level, and number of players needed. Low amber lights in Abyssea - Uleguerand tend to give out a good amount of fragments (as well as Snow God Cores if you're patient.

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