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Welcome to Red Mage, come in and enjoy the freedom of one of the best jobs in the soloing department. I will now also add in Fields of Valor pages for the rest of this guide since they are nice easy and free experience as well as useful for getting refresh and regen bonuses. Save your MP for curing, I did not cast any other spell until level 5 when I added one Dia at the start of a fight with a mob with high defense. Note: "Aquaveil" +8 is currently the highest RDM can attain. Even Martial Arts doesn't help much there, especially not if you're resorting to weapons other than Hand-to-Hand ones. FFXIclopedia is a FANDOM Games Community. East Ronfaure "Composure" alone will bring you to the maximum duration of 15 minutes. It will be followed by suggested subjobs with the lvl range of RDM where they should be equipped. Dangruf Wadi: levels 7-20 You have 8/8 Enhancing Magic Skill merits. Some Toughs can be killed, but Beastmen (Orcs, Quadavs, Yagudos, Goblins) are very dangerous as Toughs as they'll easily burn your MP or constantly interupt the casting. Competes with Bard for refreshing role and White Magefor healing role in exp parties. Those weaponskills will have a tendency to miss a lot though, so it's really not recommended. Red Mage, the jack-of-all-trades more or less of mages. No further equipment that enhances duration is needed. Most Red Mages avoid using Daggers because they have lower … "Composure" combined with the Enhancing Magic Duration +40% that this specific equipment set offers will bring you to the maximum duration of 30 minutes. In your starting areas, you'll be having that weather type for most of the time, allowing you to make good use of its bonus. A huge downside to it is the fact that you'll not get any MP from your sub, thus effectively making soloing harder, since RDMs defeat enemies by outlasting them with their spells. As such, parties are not hard to find normally for Red Mages when those spells are finally learned. Very useful, since you will have access to Cure right off the bat. Armor: upgrade to leather gear, and buy a shield, it helps. You'll be required to stack up on CHR gear, depending on your race. However, you will want the Aurist's Cape +1 for certain Enfeebling Magic spells. But not for Red Mage, as it adds stats you'll most likely not need at all, and some abilities you won't be able to use due to them requiring you to have a Great Katana equipped. "Bar-" spells that increase resistance to specific elements have a base duration of 8 minutes. Assuming that you are /SCH and the Unity you are associated with is #1 in the Unity Ranking, this equipment set will bring you to "Conserve MP" +100(100)%. Samurai is very useful. The right subjob can make all the difference, and different subjobs can be more effective at certain levels than others. This doesn't mean the some advanced players won't find out something new about Red Mage, but I am acknowledging that the chances are that they won't. This article is a community collaborative guide. You need Enhancing Magic Skill 355+ to reach the maximum potency from skill. "Protect" already has a base duration of 30 minutes and the duration of the spell is unaffected by "Composure". Advanced or Experience players will likely find this guide to be old news and obvious, which is fine by m… As a subjob it has a few bonuses which are usefull, such as Defense Bonus job trait when you get your main to level 20, Double Attack at 50, and Attack Bonus at 60. 3. Some mobs, such as the bats can be killed when checked as Tough. You need Enhancing Magic Skill +44 to reach the maximum potency from skill. MP bonus is small, but can help. Something to familiarize yourself with before stepping into the convoluted realm of Enhancing Magic is this hideous formula: (Base Duration + (6s × RDM Group 2 Merit Point Level) + (3s × RDM Relic Hands Group 2 Merit Point Level Augment) + RDM Job Points + Gear that list Seconds) × (Augments Composure Bonus) × (Duration listed on Gear + Naturalist's Roll) × (Duration Augments on Gear) × (Rune Fencer Gifts). . Weapon: upgrade to a Xiphos or Xiphos +1 To optimize your Cure spells and white magic enfeebles, you should stack up on MND equipment, such as the Ascetic's Ring, the San d'Orian Ring and the Justice Badge (starting at Lv.7). However, exception is the Body armor, if you can get one go for: A very viable option is the +1 version of the leg piece that was available during the Sunbreeze Festival 2008: It will add a whopping +20 Max HP during sunny weather, which will make some low level mobs easier to defeat. This will be your popular one once you hit Lv.24. For a sub, the HP and some DEX is really the only advantage of this job. Sprout Smack can slow your enemy, Wild Oats is good to reduce your enemies' VIT if you can spare the MP, and it also adds a nice deal of Max HP. Subjobs: whm(rdm7-20), blm(rdm7-20), war(rdm7-15), blu(rdm7-15), mnk(rdm7-15). In the low levels, this sub job can be vastly superior to /WHM. "Composure" alone will bring you to the maximum duration of 30 minutes. Tarutaru won't have any problems there, but Mithra and Galka will have problems charming their enemies due to their low CHR. Please keep in mind that guides are works of opinion. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I actually do not know if there is a cap on the maximum duration of "Shell". Warrior is the basic melee class. The only downside to this is the fact that you can't equip any leg gear while wearing this special event piece, and of course the pretty low defense rating. You may exchange the Aurist's Cape +1 with a Solemnity Cape with no effect on your total "Conserve MP". You most likely won't make any good use of it, except for the occasional damage spike via Boost. Same with WAR, this is entirely melee-oriented. Note: The formula review always assumes that you do not have 5/5 Enhancing Magic Duration merits and have not received Naturalist's Roll. This will allow for "Bar-" +150. ex: lv1-10 Community Red Mage Guide. Since a RDM doesn't have a natural hand-to-hand skill, your accuracy and attack power will be effectively halved. Camps: South Gustaberg Items with the description -magic attack bonus+X works differently from normal magic attack bonus items. Doing that on a Orc Grappler when fighting a Fodder has proved to be very nice as the Grappler ends up paralyzed enough times to let you kill both. Not recommended otherwise. Levels 1-10 are to some the make-or-break areas of a job, to others it's just the mud they must trudge through before the hot enjoyable shower. Time: 1~1.5 hours Note: "Bar-" +165 is currently the highest RDM can attain. "Bar-" spells that increase resistance to specific ailments have a base duration derived from your Enhancing Magic Skill; the base duration is 8 minutes at 240 Enhancing Magic Skill. In order to take advantage of this particular strategy, some assumptions are made: If this does not apply to you, then you may still have some work to do before you can optimize your Enhancing Magic to these specific points. A quality White Mage will be able to provide superior "Bar-" spells. everything else except Fighting Pugil, Estimates:

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