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I want to reread that so bad just because I need more Heisty books and there are noooooone. 5,016 ratings — XD. It’s has a Robin Hood vibe where this team steals from rich and cruel companies and gives back to the people they’ve basically “robbed”. Pages in category "Fictional con artists" The following 162 pages are in this category, out of 162 total. *flails*. Well, I LOVE me some con-artistry, so obviously I had to order two of these (and I was already […], […] books is EXCELLENT. Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13 // movie trilogy. 2. I had no idea you would mention it though. Stealing art is too mainstream, so this gang steals DREAMS. Heist Society book. published 2001, avg rating 3.39 — “No stabbing Wednesdays” . I actually own As Red As Blood, but haven’t read it, so I guess I should get on that! I’m intimidated by the fact that there’s so many seasons BUT I’LL CAVE, JUST YOU WAIT. It looked so beautiful! 1,114 ratings — I shall check that out immediately! WE HAVE A SLIGHTLY EVIL AND DUBIOUS DARK SIDE. OMG, I should go into bookselling, right? by Mark Walden is a much better alternative if you want a villain school, and you can just die for days reading them. And I’d like to read the Heist Society books at some juncture too. Don’t panic! . , Inception and Catch Me If You Can were awesome movies, I have to agree! So this is a great list you’ve got here, Cait — I’ll be searching for these books ASAP! I mean, dat ending. I was like, Now You See Me has to be here somewhere… and—bam!—there it is. Congrats on the edits coming along! Aaaah I’m busy reading a review copy for As Red as Blood now! I definitely didn’t like Now You See Me. Also, you might be interested in this:…. And I would only add, once again: CAIT YOU MUST SEE THE BBC SHOW HUSTLE SOMEDAY BECAUSE IT IS PERFECTION. NOW YOU SEE ME!!! I really liked Heist Society when I read it a few years ago. Thanks for sharing Cait! published 1925, avg rating 3.35 — published 2007, 1 chapters — . I am so putting Curse Workers and How to Lead a Life of Crime on my TBR list. Unfortunately?) Oooh, this is a great list! Omg, Hardison is so sarcastic if physically hurts. published 2019, avg rating 3.51 — *looks innocent* Although there is a certain amount of irony in stealing a heist book. But they are superb, in my meager opinion. I'M SAD. and I’m adding in a few movies because I haven’t read enough heist books. It stars James McAvoy and it’s whoreallyreallydunnit kind of fun! hehe. Hey, late to the party =P. Also Inception is the incredible. published 2014, avg rating 4.00 — I always have to go in order. But I DO want to finish them too. I'm going to see if my library has them! :'), Such good books! They were so so smart. I really liked Now You See Me – couldn’t believe that ending! I’ve seen one or two of the Ocean’s series and LOVED them (I mean, seriously, those films are AMAZING) and you keep reminding me to take up watching Leverage again. I really hope that it explains the ending a lot more, especially because it’s got the same characters I’m pretty excited for it, because I loved that movie as well. She’s reading up big in preparation for abandoning all and writing a new book. Loved that movie. published 2014, avg rating 4.28 — *clears throat* ummm, read it. What is this?! I ADMIT IT: this was my latest fangirling obsession! I am desperate to read How to Lead A Life of Crime! It’s a TV series. The Oceans films are THE BEST. I don’t want to say any more about it, because it’s really best if you go into the book knowing nothing at all to get the full impact, but you can thank me later (see how confident I am? 15,908 ratings — 326,986 ratings — Drews, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). I need to read more con/heist books! Everyone is a villain (and they’re all mildly forgivable and adorable). P.S. I also enjoyed all the other things on your list with the exception of As Red as Blood which is going on my wishlist immediately because you obviously have good tastes with other con artist type things. My husband and I loved Leverage. XD SO CLEVER. 730 ratings — FIX THIS TOO. hehe. Holly Black is QUEEN, I say, QUEEN. 2,022 ratings — You are also awesome! But pfft, who needs a solid ending if the beginning is awesome? You really need to watch Inception closely, if I remember right, as it’s easy to miss something. I love movies that keep your brain moving and it’s more like reading a book: you figure things out as you go along. I might like Artemis a teeny tiny bit more than Harry Potter. But it is good! Here’s my TTT: Good Books for Old Broads (Like Me)! She has only 13 books that need reading! The Ultimate Con Artist Book List It may seem that con artists are constantly in the news, but they’ve been around since the beginning of time. So instead of conning (is that a word?) Interesting Fun Fact: One of the main actors for this movie, Jessie Eisenberg actually reads the Curse Worker audio books! The con artist, confidence man, is a stranger perfected in the forge of American literature. (Yes, shhhh, I haven't watched it yet BUT I WILL ONE DAY I PROMISE.) Curse workers is my FAVOURITE and I only finished Black Heart last month. They largely deal with casino cons, but they blow stuff up (always a bonus). It says something about both of us. . Heist Society and The Curse Worker Trilogy are both fantastic. Ah yes! Put it on your list, if you haven’t read it. 114,321 ratings — Refresh and try again. The film versions of some of these are fantastic so I’m betting the books are too. YES FOR HULK. I love this show an astronomical amount. Shhh, I KNOW. If you write books then this is definitely inspiring background music.

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