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So you see getting vinyl to stick to canvas doesn’t have to be frustrating at all! Items to apply HTV to (nylon drawstring bag, neoprene koozie, wooden sign, canvas tote, metal water bottle, etc.) In my experience, HTV is way better on canvas than adhesive vinyl. Find out how to fix your pesky peeling heat transfer vinyl right away. It is KEY in getting your vinyl to stick to your canvas. Just remember to prep your canvas, and use a hard book so you can apply firm pressure while burnishing. 3. After several months, I find that the adhesive vinyl will start to pull away from the canvas. And if you do run into stubborn areas, … Solution: Here are several reasons why your vinyl may not be sticking: ... You did not give the HTV enough time to adhere (some heavy materials require a little more press time) Your iron isn’t hot enough; You’re not applying enough pressure during application You’ve pressed TOO long and the vinyl has melted and will not stick. Just click here for instructions. If HTV is pressed for too long/too hard, a significant amount of adhesive can be squished out from under the vinyl which causes lifting and the HTV becomes more brittle as it’s exposed to more heat. Let me give you a quick run-down on how to put vinyl on a canvas – for this project I used: I have found that the secret to putting vinyl on a canvas is to be sure to use HTV, also known as Heat Transfer Vinyl. Are you using the correct settings? The best part is that heat transfer vinyl is easy to add to a reverse canvas. *The home iron is an option to use when applying HTV to neoprene koozies and rounded surfaces such as metal cups. Is your HTV not sticking to your shirt or bag? So, if you want a longer-lasting canvas project, I would use heat transfer vinyl on canvas. How to put vinyl on a canvas. Just know it’s not recommended by the manufacturer. You do not always have to see the grain of the shirt fibers through the HTV for it to be a good application. Do you need a heat printing pillow? Is it peeling up after being washed in the laundry? As discussed below, other supplies may be useful for specific materials, but they're optional. If your bag has pockets on the inside you may have an issue pressing your design because of the pocket seams. Want to see how? They'll stop your heat press from getting an even press and the vinyl that goes over the seams will not stick to your bag. To solve that particular problem do one of two things: There are a lot of reasons this could be happening, but the four most common reasons are easily solved with a few tips.

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