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Pel's Fishing Owl (Scotopelia peli) bird call sounds on , the largest owl species in the world. We are working with the primary logging company there to identify where they have roads that go into high biodiversity areas and therefore limit access to those roads. Slaght’s encounter was critical evidence that the species still persisted there. There were four photos of fish owls in my Soviet book, taken by Yury Pukinsky, the first scientist to find a fish owl nest in Russia, in 1971. “It was clearly an owl, but bigger than any I’d seen,” he writes. Before the age of 16, I’d only lived in the United States for two years. The Blakiston's fish owl feeds on a variety of aquatic prey. And it’s not just benefitting fish owls. In the first five years of this project, I spent three months a year in the Russian forests with Avedyuk and others, far from human settlements. I’d just spent two weeks in Primorye in the Russian far east – a wild, mountainous province bordering the Sea of Japan, China and North Korea. Took the boat out for some fishing in the river, Bikinis & Sunshine! The forests are among the most exciting and beautiful places I’ve ever been. Orders Families Genera Species. Despite my global portfolio, fish owls and Primorye have a close hold on my heart. Many owls have a distinctive facial disc – the characteristic round feather pattern on an owl’s face channels the faintest sounds to its ears. Our biweekly podcast delivering news & inspiration from nature’s frontline. So they shoot it, they walk over, say “Oh, it’s a giant owl,” then they leave it there and walk away. We depend on support from users like you. By the end, we’d collected the information we needed to craft a plan to protect fish owls, a strategy we are still following today. Five years later, and quite by chance, I did. In terms of habitat needs, I’d say the big thing is fish. It’s the only place in the world where there are brown bears and tigers in the forest. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Red List estimates that only 1,500 to 3,700 fish owls remain in the wild. If there are ways to make connections between a reader and a species whose existence largely depends on how we manage forests and rivers, that’s a connection I want to make. The more I talked to Surmach, and heard about fish owls and their habitat, the more concerned I became for the future of the species. Primorye is also the nexus of the boreal and subtropical biomes. Some fish these owls catch are quite large. The tigers are walking on the frozen rivers just like I am because it’s like asphalt. The endangered bird is a seldom-seen resident of far-east Asia, but several hundred pairs are thought to survive in the species’ epicenter: the old-growth forests of Primorye, a remote region of Russia that borders the Sea of Japan to the east and China and North Korea to its south. They’re huge birds. The fish owl popped out immediately. It’s essentially the largest owl in the world that is an aquatic prey specialist living in a place where most waterways freeze in winter. Mongabay recently spoke with Slaght about his new book and about what conservation solutions might save Blakiston’s fish owl. Although in theory Russian law protects riparian areas from harvest, as logging within 5 km of either bank of major waterways is illegal (Surmach 1998), riparian areas are still being impacted by logging either directly or indirectly. But the free market that had emerged in the 1990s bred wealth, corruption and a covetous eye focused keenly on the untouched natural resources in northern Primorye, thought to be the bird’s global stronghold.

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