flowerhorn fish types

As a result of endless cross-breeding efforts of the fish breeders, there are numerous different types of flowerhorn available. Creating hybrid fish will dilute the pure genetic lineage that took millions of years and countless generations to create, due to crossbreeding of species between two different genera that would never occur in the wild. Gradually there was a development of different types of Flowerhorns and today you can find different type available both at the stores and online stores. For fish owners who are looking for large and colorful fish, the Flowerhorn Cichlid is always a great choice. Flowerhorn Type Golden Base. The Flowerhorns are believed to be a lucky charm in Fengshui. The first instances of this occurred in Thailand, Taiwan, and Malaysia. Also, sometimes the Flowerhorn can be mistaken for other species of fish, like the Trimac, which can confuse buyers into thinking that they have a true Trimac. Like blood parrot cichlids, they are man-made hybrids that exist in the wild only because of their release.Flowerhorns first emerged for sale on the aquarium market in Malaysia in the late 1990s and … Species Summary. Their head protuberance, or kok, is formally termed a nuchal hump. This magnificent fish is considered a sign of … Golden Monkey . This fish's properties are found in body parts that have distinctive pearls that can not be found in other fish species. Author Note: The combination of the blood parrot cichlid and red devil cichlid is what led to the creation of the flowerhorn. What characterizes them the most is their aggressive and sturdy behavior. It is a very aggressive fish with all the fish that are smaller than it, so it is not recommended to join it with these types of fish, on the other hand with fish of its size or higher could coexist if space is enough to allow this happen. They have an amazing growth rate, growing up to 0.7” (2 cm) every month during the first year of their life. Color of Flowerhorn Cichlid. Pleco Ancistrus: It is a very social fish with most fish in the aquarium and vice versa, can be territorial between males of the same species, spends … Flowerhorn cichlids are ornamental aquarium fish noted for their vivid colors and the distinctively shaped heads for which they are named. A combination of bright colors, unusual patterns and unique body composition gives the breed an inimitable tropical look. Pike With Flowerhorn 13. It is believed that the size of the Kok tells about the luck of the person owning the Flowerhorn. Therefore, it is important to plan out in advance … Over time the interest in this fish spread … Flowerhorn Cichlids are counted amongst the large Cichlids, and depending on the variant, they can grow anywhere between 12-16” (30-40 cm). This is because this fish has been bred entirely in captivity over the years. Flowerhorn Cichlid . Based on their colors, patterns and body shapes there are following different varieties available these days. One of the most highly prized flowerhorn strain around the globe is the golden monkey. The flowerhorn cichlid is a fish that does not exist naturally in the wild. Louhan golden base also does not have black spots usually found in other louhan … As the Kok keeps on growing the luck also starts favoring the person who owns the … This fish has a reddish yellow color on most parts of the body. This is especially true for the males. Source : majalahikan.com: Body color is typical of this fish compared with other types of louhan.

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