game of thrones season 7 episode 3

Dany believes she deserves things because she's suffered and lost her birthright. As mother and daughter lunge for each other in an attempt to free each other, the emotional impact of that death sentence is deadened by Cersei’s preamble, a “The Mountain and the Viper” plot summary. Euron was painted as a lecherous troll the second he walked into the hall of the Iron Throne in the Season 7 premiere, so the “finger in the bum” line to Jaime feels particularly reductive, even if Nikolai Coster-Waldau continues to be the king of reactions. (Although the scene in which he attempts to explain his whole deal is hilarious until he mentioned the first night of her abuse.) And it’s not just a problem that extends to the series’ most beloved characters. Ice and fire don't really mix, and Jon and Dany have diverging worldviews, as their first meeting made plain. July 30, 2017. Allying with Euron was a deliberate choice with an expected outcome, and for now, she's done nothing but reap rewards. "Every possible series of events are happening all at once," he tells her, which sounds an awful lot like the way Bran now sees the world. Luckily, as the show incorporates the more visual storytelling elements, these important discussions of characters’ fates aren’t happening in a vacuum. Actions matter more than ever in this world. What may read on the pages of a script like a poetic, circular twist of fate to underline Cersei’s ruthlessness ends up feeling like an obligatory exercise of connecting the episode itself back to the “Previously On” opening. He came, it seems, to talk to Jon, but it's unclear if that means to tell him his parentage or to help fight the White Walkers or both. Season 7, Episode 3. But those may be. Cersei gathers her allies. Oh right, that's Jon. It's gratifying that the series did not have them be instant besties, just for the sake of fan service. Tyrion is now on the same side as his Battle of the Blackwater foe Davos Seaworth, and a hint of the old enmity came out at their meeting. Characters are reuniting. She hasn't truly won yet. Hopefully, she's not just hanging around uselessly for the remainder of the series. Sam is confronted for his actions. In fact, tossing aside the interpersonal plot recap is what made the reveal of Bran arriving at Winterfell a far more dramatically satisfying reunion. She got the woman who murdered her daughter (although that scene in the dungeon noticeably dragged, like it was phoned in, and was far too much like the Septa Unella scene last year). Keep an eye on it. Olenna was never after survival, not after Cersei destroyed her family. Neither wants to alienate the other. (It’s fueled Sam’s efforts at The Citadel too, who takes the visual cue of Jorah’s lack of infection as good-enough reason to risk a massive epidemic for a handshake.). You know who's a Targaryen and might be able to ride one? In the third episode of Season 7 she's given Ellaria Sand and her last remaining daughter, who she poisons the same exact way Ellaria poisoned Myrcella, leaving Oberyn's lover to … She's needed for the end game, I just wish her road there wasn't so familiar. She is the fire, after all. And what he'll do while he waits for Jon to return isn't clear either, although please, someone get poor Meera Reed a nice hot bowl of stew. Their second meeting showed why fans had so long wanted them to cross paths. All the best laid plans of Targaryens and Snows are once again laid waste by an agent of chaos. While figures of power take their time deciding who gives orders, the enemy is always regrouping out of sight. Cersei gains a new ally. Scrolls are being copied. If only winning were that easy for everyone else. Get The Latest IndieWire Alerts And Newsletters Delivered Directly To Your Inbox. She is, however, still taking advice from Littlefinger, which is never a good idea. It was fun the first few times, but now it's getting old. In an episode filled with strategic positioning, for Jon Snow that place is in the hall at Dragonstone, in the presence of a queen he’s hesitant to acknowledge. This meeting of totemic “Game of Thrones” characters held promise for book readers for ages, but their eventual meeting proves that the show is still fighting a war of words, while the eventual end goal has been seemingly fixed for quite some time.

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