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Face Book, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & LinkedIn. So just stir the oil without touching the PULI’s. But the balls were of same size and they turned hard. Gayatri Vantillu - Top Chef 2014 | Pin the recipes you like to your Pin-Board. )i was able to follow.The plus point is that the recipe is also in english. Prepare 7 similar balls. Not more not less and it comes by experience. If the oil is too hot the Jamuns would turn to golden color very fast without being cooked inside, forcing you to try the recipe all over once again. Place this bowl in microwave oven and cook on high power for a minute or till water starts boiling. They turned out well to look at but they didn't absorb sufficient sugar syrup and they are not porus as shown in your video. Saw your recipe for the first time, although it was in your language(Kannad ? Enjoy! Thanks for your prompt response within half an hour of my post re Rasagollas! This site is under migration and re-designing, Enjoy to Cook & Serve -- Eat Fresh & Limited -- Exercise Regularly -- Stay Fit & Healthy, Share these recipes on social networks with Friends, Near & Dear, Read below the Text, Tips & Discussions before attempting the Recipe, (Online Conversion utility to convert Gms to Cups & Temperatures etc). Here I got 270gms of Paneer and I have divided it into 2 parts weighing 120gms and 150gms. When the cooker is about to whistle, simmer the heat and cook for 15 minutes before switching off the stove. At best nudge them to rise after a while. After 20 minutes the sticky dough becomes manageable to make round balls. The recipe comes out well if the procedure is strictly followed. We made the sweet with home-made paneer and the result was, oops-sized, succulent and professional tasting Rasagullas!....with each of us singing along with the inimitable. Take 2 liters of milk and curdle to make Chenna (If required please see the video on "How to make Paneer"). Due to pressing excess water gets drained out. Use the A-Z List to locate a Recipe of your choice . That process should help you to achieve better results. The taste wouldn't be affected. hello gayatri, after so many websites i think this is the most homely next door kind. If we START the timer “FROM THE TIME WE PUT THE WEIGHT OF THE COOKER”, then the ACTUAL COOKING MINUTES (ACM) would vary considerably between each session. Take powdered sugar in a plate. Now close the lid and run the processor on low speed. Click here to see all recipes in Pictures. Enjoy Cooking, Enjoy Serving & Enjoy Eating . Then rub the pressed dough in circular motion to get a smooth round shaped ball. ! Put the rasagulla bowl into the cooker, close the lid along with the weight. I kept it in sunlight.. later heated it so the cream was brewing. After few minutes the Jamuns will rise to the top detaching from the bottom of the pan. Back link to Main page of Categorized Recipes. Take a microwave safe bowl and add pistachios and some water into it. This is the basic difference between GulabJamuns and Kala Jamuns. 467 ... Sweets & Desserts - Gayatri Vantillu. So would you PLEASE study the matter and give your valuable and experienced advice in the interests of your members? When these Jamuns are fried, the powdered sugar on the surface of the Jamuns gets caramelized and thus they get that dark brown (near to black color) color. Put the mix inside the freezer compartment for a half an hour and try out. Click here to participate on the Blog Discussions and make GAYATRIVANTILLU content richer!!! Adding raisins and cashew nuts is optional. Such Jamuns when added to syrup will not absorb sugar syrup. Use the syrup for the next round of trial. Note that with each reuse the whiteness of the Rasagullas reduce and the red tinge increases. After 2 hours the Kala Jamuns would be ready to be served. If there are any impurities in the juice they remain in the nylon mesh and we get fresh sugarcane juice. If you too have a recipe to share, click here to submit. Do not touch the Jamuns while frying till they rise up all by themselves. After 4 to 5 hours of preparation Rasagullas should be kept in fridge. Now again switch on the stove and make seven more balls. Take care of the temperature of the oil. Serve these Kala Jamuns with grated coconut. CONGRATS!!! Take a microwave safe bowl and add pistachios and some water into it. Remove the skins of cardamoms and powder the seeds. Take 1 cup sugar and 3 cups water in a flat dish on another stove and heat it. In the standing time of 20 minutes the paneer would absorb the condensed milk and the mixture would be amenable for making round balls. If required, after a while you may just nudge them a little to dislodge and rise. Do not pull open the weight, or put the cooker under tap. Take a sufficiently wide dish to steam cook your Rasagullas. Meanwhile make 10 equal portions of the smooth Paneer dough. nenu meeru chupinchina vidam gane rasgulla chesukunamu baaga vachay.thnk u. mee vantillu naku baga nachhindi.mee reciepees kuda chala use avutayi nalanti vallaku. If the dough rises fast from the bottom of the pan, it indicates the oil is overheated. Keep them in refrigerator (not deep freezer) till use. 1. As regards your rasagulla coming out hard, kindly check the following. Andhra Sweets. BUT I HAVE SOME DOUBT IN MAKING RASAGULLA THAT IS WE CAN USE ANY OTHER MILK RELATED PRODUCT TO BRING RASAGULLA. What may be the problem??? Use the Site Search. The manner in which you have described and shown is very interesting. I watched your video on how to make Rasgullas. Face Book, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & LinkedIn. When the sugar syrup is boiling, add the cardamom powder and mix well. See more ideas about Andhra recipes, Indian food recipes, Chutney. Now put this pressure cooker on heat. Allow it to build steam fully but do not allow it to whistle, simmer the stove at this level, and cook for fifteen minutes, increase the stove and let it build the steam fully but not to allow it to whistle - at this level switch off the stove and allow it to cool completely. Hi, I just tried your recipe for rasgulla and it turned out awesome! We coat the Jamun balls with powdered sugar before frying them in oil. IT REDUCE US THE COST PRICE . The latter would be spongy and give a rubber feeling while eating. Take 1 cup sugar and 3 cups water in a flat dish on another stove and heat it. The fat in the paneer should ooze to grease your hands. Gayatri Vantillu - Top Chef 2014. Then try to make a ball from the rubbed Chenna. Now you can see that your Rasagullas are double in size and look like sponge balls floating in water. Foods That Heal. Take a pressure cooker and add some water to generate steam for cooking. Hashtags. Gayatri Vantillu showcases Indian Recipes Andhra Food Telugu Vantalu, with a motto - Cooking Simplified is Fun!!! It would be nice if my viewers would leave their real names while blogging, so that I can address their queries.

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