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a. It may be a counterfeit or an aftermarket replacement battery. If you use the website's chat feature, you can almost certainly get a steep discount on a battery without even asking! That is, unless the counterfeiters have taken a microchip from a dead genuine battery and have inserted it into the counterfeit. For more information, browse to the Dell Knowledge Base article Dell Laptop Battery - Frequently Asked Questions. This could be a good thing for consumers. The replacement battery may have a new Dell Part Number, but you can be sure of getting the exact replacement you need. Comments cannot contain these special characters: <>()\, Subscriber Identification They know you're shopping around and want to make the sale! There's also the question of quality control and fires. That's still more than an aftermarket battery from $29-$59, but you can expect the battery to perform flawlessly in your machine or get a free replacement under the new battery warranty! We broke down and bought a new battery only to find out that the new battery didn't work, either. It makes things a lot quicker and easier if you have the Dell Part Number, often abbreviated DPN or DP/N, from the back of the battery. But you may purchase a new battery and find that it exhibits the same exact symptoms as the "failed" battery. Aftermarket batteries might be a very inexpensive option, but you get what you pay for. changing an existing system and or setup password, Enhanced Pre-Boot 2. How To Reset The Dell Battery Sensor. keyboard to the keyboard tray, Intel Software This microchip is responsible for saying, "Hey! But when you plug in the cord, the battery either isn't being detected or is simply plugged in but not charging. if it still persists. If this is the case, you don't necessarily have to run out to buy a new battery if the sensor is just not correctly detecting the battery. If you're looking specifically for a Dell battery, you may be turned off by the high price on the Dell website. If the laptop does not detect this microchip, the battery may charge slowly, may not charge at all, or may not turn the computer on even if it's fully charged. According to Dell representatives, original Dell batteries have these microchips to help consumers detect counterfeit batteries. Every time a battery is charged or discharged, the battery loses a small amount of capacity. Push on the battery release button or buttons to release the battery form the computer and remove the battery. How can a brand new battery not work? If you buy what you think is a genuine Dell battery from a third party, you should be able to know pretty quickly if you have a counterfeit. 3. While the exact cause is sometimes a mystery, it can be fixed. Flip the laptop over. This is considered a normal characteristic of a rechargeable battery and is not covered by the warranty. You can even make the purchase from within the chat session. system password and setup password, Deleting or c. Lift the battery away from the computer [3]. To further complicate matters, the laptop's battery light was blinking, which we learned is an error code (number of flashes equaled a code number) but there was no information anywhere as to what the error code meant. The problem with many Dell batteries relates to the laptop's failure to detect a microchip located inside the battery assembly. If you do need a new battery, we always recommend getting an original battery from the manufacturer of your device as there is no way to guarantee a battery is genuine from a third party seller. Is there an alternative to a new battery? Installing the battery 1. This works for most of their replacement parts, as well. Dell's technical support team also had no idea what the code meant. Guard Extensions screen options, Assigning a Our quoted price, including shipping, came to just under $85. 2. You may find that an inexpensive aftermarket battery won't hold a charge after just a few weeks.

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