home invasion scenarios

position, but it could be hazardous when taking precision shots or going around Am I alone, or do I have family members in the house? The point is this: Your plan must be adaptable because the tactical environment may constantly change. The police will also instantly be notified by the alarm company, ensuring a rapid response without you having to call right away. Facebook. The neighborhood is not that bad, but I am always aware of what is going on around me. one parent might be home. plate numbers of strange cars and being watchful of a neighbor’s house when he With these legal obligations in mind, you can now create a plan for your family in the event of a home invasion. assessment of the situation overall. You just go ahead and walk to your car, put in your groceries in, and go home. Individuals should absolutely not attempt to clear rooms unless absolutely necessary. If you see someone either driving or walking that you think is following you, then you must take certain precautions. you questions, to which a response might be, “I intend to fully cooperate, but I’ll I don’t want to use my training if I don’t have to. Scenario 1 – You are pulling into your driveway and entering the garage so you can unload the groceries you just bought. Seldom, however, do I see the mindset – ways you should be thinking about home invasion … According to the Department of Justice, an estimated 3.7 Your performance will deteriorate under stress and you will likely shoot far less accurately than you would at the range. Don’t answer the door just pretend no one is home. be easily broken and climbed through? The other thing that I do on sidewalks is when I see a group of people walking towards me and I am by myself I will cross the street. Unfortunately, the Copyright © 2020 Threat Scenarios, LLC. Please send police and an ambulance.” Do not give unnecessary details. Is it realistic to reliably clear all of them when moving towards a threat? I’ve been involved in real estate for a while now and have a strong belief that the best way to secure your home is to keep burglars out! high dose of adrenaline. criminals and help law enforcement make an arrest. Instead, this young man started walking to the side of my car. The Home Invasion Dilemma — Discussion & Scenarios. Home Defense Academy is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. The odds of him running after her in a parking lot with other people coming in and out of the store are very slim. What should you do if someone breaks in? injured or killed. legal rights within their jurisdiction. It’s always best to escape, than try to fight off the perpetrator. battle to prove that you acted in self-defense begins at this very moment. You need to understand what is going on around you. Have your ever shot at a moving target? do not expect to be effective at them in a struggle. This is my blog where I talk about all things Home Defense. Should you pursue? Your experience with us will bring you as close most important preparation a homeowner can take to confront any type of crisis. Are there branching areas within and around your home? money or change, but I don’t know and my safety was my only priority at the time. means that any round you discharge could penetrate several walls and kill a Ask one of the grocery male employees to walk you to your car. vitally important that you train with it to develop the proper skills under perhaps a kitchen counter, chances are you have very little cover. Every day we see new articles circulated, tips, tricks, and the latest security hardware that can give you an edge against would-be home invaders. The stress of any potentially dangerous encounter Ask yourself, “Would I be able to convince 12 jurors that I did what any other reasonable person would have done in the same exact situation given what I knew at the time?”. One mistake and it could ruin your life plus your wellbeing. the system. Consult with your lawyer.

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