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FBI data from 2015 Crime Statistics on Burglary. "The odds of getting struck by lightning are higher than having a creep find his way into our home." Contact Smart Shield Systems to learn more about home automation. No matter your neighborhood, city, or state, this fact remains consistent across the board, that an active security system will keep your home safer than those around you without one. In fact, nearly 1 out of every 100 U.S. citizens over the age of 12 will become victims of crime at some point in their lives. (Statista, FBI) Burglaries accounted for 17.1% … you can search for providers available in your neighborhood here. One-in-a-millions get thrown out there a lot. Interested in learning more about home security trends and crime statistics for the year? 83% of burglars say they look to see if a home has an alarm system before making a decision about whether or not to break in. In short, this is bogus information at its worst. Home Invasion Crime Statistics That Will Keep You Up at Night. Below you will find comprehensive facts and stats covering the home security industry as analyzed by us here at High Security Home: One of the single-greatest deterrents when it comes to keeping a home safe seems to be a home security system. In 2015, there were an estimated 1,579,527 burglaries, a decrease of 7.8 percent when compared with 2014 data. Many homes are empty during this time while people are at work. Home invasion statistics for 2017 revealed this startling new information. The facts cannot be verified and the presentation is misleading. Background screening companies like NationSearch can help you with all of the background screening services you need, including pre-employment background checks for people you hire to help with home improvement projects, child care, home health care, or any other purpose. A large percentage of burglars don’t plan out a break-in. Unfortunately, you see this chart everywhere on the internet, so let’s break it down. Approximately 11.5 people out of 10,000 fall victim to property crime every year (US Department of Justice, FBI). Of course, that doesn’t mean crime is becoming rare. More narrowly, home invasion has been used to describe a situation where an offender forcibly enters an occupied residence with the specific intent of robbing or violently harming those inside. A home invasion is when a criminal forces his way into an occupied dwelling and carries out a robbery or other violent crime. A majority of home intruders gain access forcibly through a "locked" door. 65% of burglars know the owner of the home through at least some loose connection. They admit that the area and the houses broken into are noted to have weak security systems or seem abandoned. According to the latest FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics, property crime rates – including burglary, larceny, and motor vehicle theft – have seen a significant decline in the last few years:. Home invasion statistics show that taking these steps and installing a home security system help prevent home invasions. Here’s one that is very disturbing: with 2 million homes targeted annually, but 3.8 million household burglaries occurring, the average victim of a home invasion will be a victim not once, but twice. A search of national criminal records search only takes a few days and costs very little, but the potential returns are priceless. The safest month of the year is February, when cold and snow tend to deter would-be criminals. Home Invasion Crime Statistics That Will Keep You Up at Night. Perform individual comprehensive background checks on the contractor and crew that you have hired to renovate your house, the plumber, your nanny, your new neighbor. As you will see from the below data, the statistics for violent home invasions and burglaries is really troubling: A burglary occurs nearly every 15 seconds in the United States. The worst month for home invasions is July, when people are on vacation and out of town the most. It’s encouraging to note that instances of violent crime and property crime across the United States have been steadily trending down for well over a decade now. How many home invasions are there in the U.S.? How Long Do Burglars Take to Break into a Home? More often than not, this blog focuses on FCRA compliant background checks  and employee screening services designed to protect businesses from hiring the wrong people. Over 2,000,000 homes will experience a break-in or burglary this year. This is why it is so important to make sure your vehicle stays locked when parked outside. While it’s true that the number of burglaries has reduced in the last few years, there are still more than 3,000 break-ins each day , on average, in the U.S. ( 1 ). The average number of home invasions per year was 1,030,000 between 1994 and 2010. There were 1.23 million burglaries in the US in 2018. If a burglar has the opportunity to pick between several houses, the odds are currently strong that one of them will NOT have an alarm system, and thus make for the easiest target.

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