home invasion tactics

So do your best to keep your home flying under the radar. It should have all the basic necessities to escape and evade any situation. You only have to decide if you're going to shoot or not. Reinforcing your doors make … 4. These days, the possibility of you being the victim of a home invasion is unfortunately all too real. Rather, you must come from a place knowing rather than thinking in an emergency situation like a violent attack or home invasion. 7. If you only have two ways out of an environment, you can quickly find yourself only having just one. The amount of factors and variables that go into this are beyond the scope of this article, but I will discuss them in an individual post at a later date. It must stick in their minds so that they can just move into action without thinking. Commit the family to learning, practicing, and memorizing what to do and how to do it. Make sure multiple hiding places are possible in the event that escape isn’t an option. To learn more about specific techniques and tactics needed to protect yourself and your family from violent attacks and home invasions, get your free self-defense tips right to your email by signing up below: I wish more people understood the type of home invasion defense tactics you were talking about. If you own a weapon, always have it locked, cocked, and ready to rock. 3c. Your life and the welfare of your family are in your hands. Move your body around and move the target around. Your front door is the main point of entry and should be your first priority. It’s for when it all hits the fan and you gotta get outta Dodge really fast! Litter Left in Front of Your House There is no time to prepare when already confronted with an emergency situation, especially not a violent one. There are stories of home invasions taking place in suburbs and rural areas. Of all the available home defense weapons, the most effective one is your brain. You don't need to make up some kind of secret code. If you see any kind of litter in front of your house, then it is highly... 2. Are you aware that you're eight times more likely to be involved in a home invasion attack than you are to be involved in a house fire? Are there other possible perpetrators outside your property that need to be dealt with? Do not, under any circumstances, leave the safe room. Get a wide-angle peephole and use it before answering the door, but consider covering it up while not in use. Have at least 3 different escape routes out to the house that all of your family members know and have traced. Exterior routes, rendezvous, and relocation. When taking swim tests for Navy Special Warfare or special operations, you must use underwater recovery strokes. Learn how to create improvised self-defense tools on the spot. In a time of great crisis and stress, you must be … 6. Following are the 3 deceptive and most common home invasion tactics you should be aware of: 1. When someone breaks into your home, it must be “go time” all the time. Knock On the Door. 5. So your plan for action must already have been set in place prior to the emergency. If you can afford it, take regular tactical firearms training courses. Although exiting a potential violent encounter is always the best route, sometimes it is impossible to make that happen. That would completely contradict and prolong your escape and evasion unnecessarily. Here are 7 Simple Home Invasion Self-Defense Tactics to put into place: 1. The list of items isn't that long, but the list is outside the scope of this article. There's a self defense weapon that's much more important than a gun. All rights reserved. Don’t think that you are even gonna hit the broad side of a barn door without keeping up your target practice. Stay in the safe room until the police arrive, no matter how long it takes. Remember, just like in advanced military based tactics: 2=1 and 1=NONE. Don’t stop and don’t give up until the threat no longer exists. I won’t get into makes and models here, but fancy and expensive just don’t cut it – simple, reliable action does. As with any of the training courses we attend (unless attending for fun), we want to ensure it fits our context of use. You can't be sure that the attackers aren't lying in wait to take your family by force to hold as hostages or cause harm. With great knowledge comes great responsibility, but since none of us are spiderman, we have to make do with make-shift tools and train our intuition to take action in an emergency situation. Have at least 3 different escape routes out to the house that all of your family members know and have traced. When it comes to gym access, we are all learning how to do more with less. Get movin’ on this pronto before some asshole shows up at your door with a cannon saying he’s gonna rape your wife and kill your kids. Though there are many “tactical” training courses out there that proclaim to train students in the art of safe rooms, room clearing and building searches, these are concepts that take many more hours and teammates to execute properly than can … There is no room for hesitation. Verify your free subscription by following the instructions in the email sent to: Here is a workout I like to do to check progress, or lack thereof, in a variety of running styles and benchmark distances. This room should be stocked with several specific items that will help you survive the upcoming fight. Self-Defense has a lot to do with self-reliance and preparedness. Always keep a bug-out bag loaded, maintained, and ready to go. So there always must be a second set of variables put in place. 5 Tactical Tips to Survive a Home Invasion, How to Create a Lifelong Physical Training Program, How Military Members Should Deal With Fitness and Health as They Age, Skip the Home Gym and Be More Fit With Less, Ask Stew: The Choice of Stroke for the Navy Swim Test. What do you do when you have to actually fight back with your bare hands? This is one of the most clever home defense tactics. It’s your choice in keeping a round chambered or not. When an intruder enters your home with the intent on harming you or your family, you only have time to react – not to plan. The one thing that you must have in this room is a phone that can be used to call the police. Now, that doesn’t mean that I condone the use of lethal force in situations that do not require the use of it to adequately protect and escape. Securing Your Front and Back Doors. 1. View more newsletters on our Subscriptions page. What’s a bug-out bag you ask? If you are using a gun for home defense, position yourself in a corner of the safe room that is on the opposite side of the door. No matter what type of home defense weapon you use, you have to be able to think tactically. Trigger locks are great precautional measure for extended storage, but not “active” storage. Stay in the room until the police have cleared the house and tell you to come out before you decide the home invasion is over.

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