hospital playlist episode 8

How is this forty-year-old so adorable? It was heart warming to see how they all cheered about his hopeful prognosis. He is not obligated to return her feelings so why is everyone so mad at him for not accepting her? 'Hospital Playlist' Episode 8 begins on a sad note. And how confident are you that he is just stringing her along "just in case"? The man went to work after his wife's funeral for god's sake. So, he did the next most polite thing that can be done here. At the bank, Jung-won offers the bank teller some advice on good posture while picking up his matured savings account (nicknamed, “Mom’s 70th Birthday Trip”). Yeah, Jae Hak is suffering because his personnal problem but JWan doesn't have to explain everything neither. She vows to confront Seok-hyung about only treating Eun-won nicely, but the next day, Min-ha enters the office with a smile and gives Seok-hyung a drink. In the neurosurgeon residents’ office, the residents express their worries over Jae-hak since he was scammed out of his deposit by his real estate agent. I understand that he's introvert and it's not easy for him but Mina was suffering a lot of becaus of that and it's unfair. packmule3  |  }); I'm glad both of them had their honest moments with their resident. Distracted by a problem in his personal life, Do Jae-hak struggles to get through the day. An ambulance arrives at the hospital, and a woman is carted inside. In the hospital garden, Jae-hak tells Seok-min that he only causes harm to those around him and asks his friend to remember him after he leaves. However, I’m glad Jae-hak knew what Joon-wan did for him because I think our chief resident needed reassurance that Joon-wan cared for him, too. Love the slice-of-life and realistic portrayals of normal working life, doctor or not, by Show. They bicker back and forth and end up banning the other from their offices. Absolutely, this really was MH's moment to shine. }); I don't think Seok-hyung is a good chief, he doesn't like conflict and his excuse "residents handle themselves their issue" was really bad. js = d.createElement(s); = id; She’s surprised to see the bouquet of flowers, she sits up to look at it. She says that she’ll fulfill her duties, though she asks Min-ha to take over her night shift, again. A lot of emotions. This scene alone could be a testament to director Shin Wonho’s virtuosity. As per the review by actual Korean doctors couple, what shin pd and writer nim did in this drama is presenting a hyper-realism to the viewers, esp on the lives of medical staff. She ain't focused on a long standing medical career but the education sure helps on the resume when interviewing for Mrs. Btw, who else thinks the husband of the patient with multiple miscarriages is a bit weird? She's good now. Also, this show is such a tease. This is one of the main things I appreciate about a slice-of-life drama such as this and another one of my favorite is Be Melodramatic. I love to see the residents interact with each other. Hehe! And I know Gyeo Wool's awkwardness is a quirk viewers like, myself included but Jeong Won has only shown to be unamused and even mildly irritated by that on occassions. Start-Up: Ep 12 On Maps, Letters, and Pride, Start-Up: Ep 12 On JP’s Precioussssss, lol, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol: Eps 15 & 16 Open Thread, Tale of the Nine-Tailed: Eps 13 & 14 Open Thread, Start-Up: Ep 12 On JP’s Growing Self-Awareness, Criminologist Himura and Mystery Writer Arisugawa. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Even Seokhyung goes to her for confirmation about patients. I'm so grateful that these people are so REAL. In the end he thanked Mina for her hard work and apologized. He tells her that Jung-won was at his place this weekend, and Gyu-wool deflates, realizing that Jung-won lied about his weekend plans. It’s always been unrequited (one sided) love from her end? *I am a bit peeved with JW right now w.r.t. I really felt for Min Ha this episode. Open an episode with the Winter ❤ Garden. Instead he seems to have choked and taken the easy way out. That leads to his misunderstanding. He might be joking but honestly, I think Junwan and Songhwa are the best candidates for higher managerial position. Like choosing to protect Jaehak from the pay-cut or going to his patient’s funeral and sharing in the family’s grief. The husband read to me like he was being the strong one for his wife. Initially was thinking JW had feelings for SH but I am super glad that they are two platonic friends with grey chemistry and a shared desire to annihilate any food within reachable radius. There are husbands who listen to their wives and do what is asked of them. One of the many reasons why I love this PD-writer team is their attention to detail and how they balance and layer the themes they present, making sure to portray as much wide a spectrum as they can so it's never one note. He has been studying abroad for a long time and when he's back in Korea he has been spending time with his mom. Yeah he was in a hurry to leave but he's been acting as though GW is invisible the last few episodes. Though Eun-won may act sly, everyone sees through her act, so while Min-ha might have to work extra hard for now, at least she’ll reap the fruits of her actions in the future. In the OB/GYN department, Eun-won asks the nurses to tell Min-ha to watch the preterm patient since she has to go to an operation, and the nurses are baffled at her request. Everyone perks up in their seats, and Jung-won tells them that his father secretly donated money to an orphanage every month. (function(d, s, id) { On the other hand if after all these years he still feels the call it probably is what is meant to be. Hospital Playlist. *I really adored how he's also available to his subordinates. Thanks for pointing these out, would certainly be fun to pick these up in the inevitable marathon-ing I'll be doing after the show's over. Also, for Min-ha to be able to express herself that way to her Professor means that SH is open to criticisms. or But afterwards with the abusive father situation, she was so slow and failed to follow Jeong Won's order, twice, to call the police. Always gives her this stare followed by avoidy eyes and then a reluctant acknowledgement when she says hello. In the latter, you got to see the working environment surrounding drama writing, and directing. While her sly colleague received comfort after shirking her responsibilities, Min-ha felt like no one was paying attention to her hard work and diligence. While Rosa cuts flowers in his office, Jung-won brings her a glass jar he got from Song-hwa. Seok Hyung was right, she'd make a good doctor in the future. He tells her that he was worried about her quitting—something he never says about Eun-won even though she left—and apologizes for not helping her out sooner. Aparently, it's very common for residents to run away so in that situation it's the work of the other residents to try to convice their fellow resident to comeback.

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