how do you prune a sweet million tomato plant

Your new tomato plant will have exactly the same characteristics of the plant you prune it from, so it’s a brilliant way to clone a plant you particularly love. Fewer flowers means fewer tomatoes. Tomato plants form a growing stem that pops out of the crotch where a leaf attaches to the main stem. That little shoot is known as a sucker (above). Left alone to grow as they please, tomato plants grow into a tangled mess of stems, shoots, roots and leaves. If you’d like to grow a brand new tomato plant from the suckers you prune off, then you can do that. Larger tomatoes. And that mess is more than just an eyesore. Some controversy exists over whether or not tomato plants should be pruned, and the reality is that if you don't, it will not cause problems. On the other hand, if your plant produces fewer tomatoes, the fruit may grow larger. Let all the suckers grow, and your tomato will form a large bushy plant with many small tomatoes. If you do prune tomatoes, the plant will produce fewer flowers because of fewer suckers. Pruning tomato plants and pinching off sucker stems are two of the best ways to improve a tomato plant’s health, vitality, and production. If left alone, a sucker forms a large stem that flowers and bears tomatoes. Plenty of people do not prune at all and still grow good tomatoes. Share it with friends or family, or just increase your tomato stock. In fact, a Purdue study found that there was a 25% increase in fruit size when the suckers are pruned. Tomatoes are not one of those plants that require pruning or deadheading in order to thrive, but shrewd pruning can improve the quality of the fruit you harvest.

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