how fast do giant sequoia trees grow

You can grow giant sequoias by either sowing, striking cuttings or buying a little tree. These giant trees may live to be 3,000 years old. Choose a sunny site for your sequoia tree. In the national parks, visitors are instructed to stay on the trails when visiting the sequoia groves because simply walking on the ground under the giants will crush the shallow feeder roots. You must never let the soil dry out completely. You will most likely have to hand water to get them rooted down to permanent moisture. These trees are very flexible. A cold frame is a structure that prevents damage to trees that may be sensitive to extreme cold or winter winds. Prepare the soil in your selected spot to create a healthy environment for your young trees. This type of tree prefers full and bright sunlight, but tolerates slightly shady conditions with partial sunlight. They quit growing tall rapidly once they reach full sun. Do not break or disturb the roots any more than what may occur during removal from the containers. 3) Water your trees! Dig holes for the rootballs of your sequoia seedlings. The tree depends on these feeder roots for hydration and sustenance. Construct a basin with some imported soil. Keep the soil moist near the roots. They will bend easily without breaking. The giant sequoia grows to a height of 60–200' and a spread of 25–35' at maturity. Also known as sierra redwood trees, sequoias make useful trees in windbreaks and screens. That would put the tree in competition with the largest diameter trees in the wild. Your tree is damaged and it might take some time to recover. We recommend Giant Sequoia Plant Food for sequoias planted in the ground and Giant Sequoia Bonsai Plant food for potted giant sequoias. Water moves upward from a shallow water table as if being drawn up by a sponge. If there is no natural means of replenishing the soil moisture consistently the grower must supplement the sequoias with irrigation. Sequoias can suffer from deficiencies in the soil. If you plant trees in a larger pot in fall they will probably not be sufficiently rooted to remove from the pots by spring. These trees require generous amounts of water. They will grow in hard soil very well but much slower.5) Protect your seedlings from gophers, moles, snails and slugs. These trees often require daily watering during dry spells. Most of them are in the national parks of the states of California and Oregon. They have the potential to grow faster every year. Place the rootballs in the prepared holes and fill in with your removed soil. What is important is the condition of the soil that you will be planting in. In the wild the sequoias must compete with one another and other species of trees for nutrients, water, sun, and space. Once they reach full sun they begin to grow a thick trunk, dense foliage, and rapidly put on weight. Full sun is best, but partial sun will do. The major cause of death in the young giant sequoias in the landscape garden is drought. Store your trees upright in the containers that they come in until the ground is ready for planting. Young sequoias are not very sappy and are subject to freeze-drying. The trees will store best outdoors. Pour about 2 gallons of this mixture into the basin every two weeks during the growing season. She continues to empower and encourage women everywhere by promoting health, career growth and business management skills. Do not attempt to dig around the trees. Water whenever the soil at the depth of the roots shows signs of dryness. Sequoia trees (Sequoiadendron giganteum) grow to approximately 300 feet. Planting near a creek, especially in a flood plain, is not advisable. The colors have been described as burgundy, purplish-red, rust, brown, and bronze.

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