how to become a brewmaster

But as Martin Simion, Master Brewer of Austria’s 1516 Brewing Company , tells us, the job takes more than a passing affinity for beer. People searching for Brewmaster: Job Duties, Education Requirements & Salary found the links, articles, and information on this page helpful. This is a process you can undertake entirely on your own, but chances are your buddies are going to want in on it. Well, you can do just that by becoming a brewmaster. A brewmaster at a local brewpub can make around $35,000 a year, while a brewmaster at a place like Coors, could make over $100,000 a year. A brewmaster needs a real dedication to the craft. A brewmaster is someone who oversees the brewing of beer. The educational requirements for becoming a brewmaster can vary by brewery. How to become a Brewmaster. To become a brewmaster, you must possess a good understanding of how to blend and ferment three key ingredients: malted barley, yeast, and hops.Different variations on and measurements of these ingredients are what separate the different types of brew, from the lager to the ale to the specialty beer. At-home starter kits and beginner’s guides are both easily accessed here. A degree in Fermentation Science is a program of study of the use of microorganisms as production and processing agents. Any brewmaster will tell you that the first step to becoming a Master Brewer is to do research on your own, and to set up your own home brewing project. Most brewmaster will tend to be on the lower end of the scale though. Some employers may prefer hiring individuals that have a degree in brewing science, business management or business administration.. Some employers may not take education into account at all, and strictly hire individuals with many years of brewing experience. But when your killer beer wins an award at a beer … A college degree in Fermentation Science is a good place to get the education you would need to become a Brewmaster.

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