how to cut closetmaid shelves

2. It isn't difficult. Vented shelving … Anyone with basic do-it-yourself skills can install these specially designed units, shelving … shorter than the actual wall measurements or the desired shelf length. All exposed cut ends are to be capped with #203 or #204 depending on the shelf… I had some ikea shelving I had to cut down. To install ClosetMaid shelving, you'll need to cut the rods that run lengthwise across the shelf using either bolt cutters or a saw equipped with a metal cutting blade. Thanks for this post. I used your technique and will add to use blue tape on both sides of the piece you are cutting. Simple Sizes. Cutting Shelves: Shelves are to be cut 0.5 in. It has a slick plasticlike surface on two sides, plus some of the shelves also have laminated edges. 1. What Use To Cut Closetmaid Shelves ClosetMaid is a registered trademark for a brand of home storage systems that employ wire construction. Measure the space between the ClosetMaid wall brackets that are to secure the shelving in place. ClosetMaid shelving is mostly laminated particleboard. Maybe even a concrete blade or a hacksaw if you are ambitious, :) Also a small grinder would do it. Instructions. Does this Spark an idea? Turn the Closetmaid shelf … Otherwise if it is just you, you can use a circular saw with a cutting blade. Ikea's laminate is paper … They will cut it to size when you buy it, They use large snips to cut the wire. to a maximum of 1.38 in.

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