how to install closet rod and shelf

This guide will walk you through the basic installation process for most closet organizer systems and teach you how to install closet shelves. A simple closet shelf and rod consists of the shelf, cleats attached to the back and side walls and a bracket to support the center of the shelf and the rod at the midpoint. Here is how to install a closet shelf and rod. Make sure they are even. from the floor, there's enough space to add a second rod below it and still hang shirts and slacks. Clothes storage ideas for small spaces: Double-decker closet rod All you need to gain a lot of hanging space in your closet is two metal closet brackets and a length of closet rod. Tip: Many different manufacturers make different styles of closet organizer systems, but their components and attachment systems aren‘t always compatible with each other. Skip to content . Storage space in most closets is limited to a hanging rod and a single shelf above it. Shelf Brackets. Now if you are planning to install a closet shelf and a rod then there is no need to hire professionals for this as we will guide you how you can do it on your own. The wooden hanging rod is attached to metal rod supports installed on a strip of wood or cleat that is fastened to the side and back walls of the closet. If your existing closet rod is at least 66 in. This plain vanilla version of closet shelving remains a low-cost, practical storage solution for any closet where you want a sturdy hanging rod and shelf. Stop Moisture In Closet. Your layout, bracket position, shelf length may vary, but the principles are the same. Latest. 48 in adjule hang rod kit 5656 pull down chrome closet rods ventilated wire closet shelving ideas for install closet rod bracketHow To Hang A Closet Rod Tos DiyHow To Hang A Closet Rod Tos DiyInstall A Closet Shelf Rod Tribune Content Agency November 23How To Hang A Closet Rod continue reading. Attach them with wood screws if there are studs, or anchor screws if there are no studs. April 24, 2020 . Above the rod a wooden shelf rests on the wall cleat. Install the Closet Rod Brackets. By removing the hanging rod and filling the available space with shelves, you can greatly increase the storage capacity of a closet. Place the two closet rod brackets on either side of the closet. Cut your rod to fit exactly, one side going into the closed bracket and the other slipping into the open bracket. Read the guide below on how to install closet shelf and rod and build your closet in your own style.

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