how to introduce speaker in webinar

Having the m aximum impact on your event guests comes from a concise event introduction, when the audience is welcomed by a speaker. Have you considered embedding a pre-recorded video into your presentation? Words like expert, industry expert, special guest are all excellent to throw in there. Even if it’s a colleague or someone you know, the more information you have, the better. Tailor the length of it to the length of your online event. Or worse, you may touch on points that they were going to make. You want the audience to like you. How you introduce a speaker can set the tone not only for the speech but for your entire event. When Dr. Griessman was a boy, his goal was to play ball in the major leagues. Bios are a great place to get information. The audience can get confused as to who is who, and you end up having to re-introduce the speakers all over again. However, stating that: 'Dr Doe, who will be giving us a short presentation on the solar system today, holds a PhD in Astrophysics and has 8 years prior experience working for NASA', you’re enhancing the speaker's credibility. The first step is to create your webinar and the introduction. Dr. Gene Griessman has interviewed some of the most famous people of our time, including David Rockefeller, Ray Charles, Mary Kay, Julie Andrews, Aaron Copland, Ronald Reagan, and Tennessee Williams. It’s totally up to how you want to introduce your speaker. My own introduction includes a brief paragraph for the person who makes the introduction that emphasizes the importance  of a good introduction. It’s  hazardous to leave your introductions to chance. For this example,... 2) Welcome Your Audience. He has won the Benjamin Franklin Award. It’s good to rehearse your introduction, making sure that what reads well on paper sounds good when spoken. This is especially true for audio-only webinars. A live-intro is a great way to get the audience excited about your speakers, but you may also want to think outside the box. But, perhaps let the speaker know what you’ll be saying beforehand. Cater to the right audience. To make your speakers list beautiful, you can leverage the GEVME Website Builder automation. There’s a free sample at…. I would definitely listen to a webinar about the solar system from Dr Doe. Now I will ask you one question to check if you can see and hear us well. Lincoln Speaks To Leaders by Gene Griessman and Pat Williams. Write your introduction for the ear, not the eye. Outline “What’s in it for Them”. Don’t misunderstand. One thing I always thought was awkward is when webinar hosts introduce speakers, then pause to review the housekeeping, then go back to the speakers. “I’d like to introduce today’s presenter.”. Webinar Best Practice: How To Introduce a Guest Speaker During a Webinar, ← 8 Ways Webinars Can Revolutionise Your Marketing Strategy, How To Write A Webinar Invitation Email: A Step By Step Guide [Free Template], 10 Ways to Improve Your Virtual Trade Show, How to Host a Webinar at Home: Everything You Need to Know. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. An introduction is NOT a place to show off your own virtuosity. Make it clear what the speech is going to be about in the speaker’s biography to … A good speaker biography for a conference is the one that attracts the target persona. It’s a great organization. Too many introductions are lukewarm, merely going through the motions. Check out the great power phrases and unusual quotations. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - guest speakers and presenters on webinars are an invaluable resource. That is why the introduction of a guest speaker speech is something that event planners should also handle.. Reasons to introduce a speaker. Suddenly, you decide to throw in a few anecdotes about your experiences working with them many years ago, without their knowledge...They probably weren’t expecting that!It might surprise them slightly and throw them off their game. You really do. Again, obvious but important. Will your audience care that Jane Doe from the ABC Company will be presenting on the solar system today? Not only does it save you the time of drafting an introduction for your webinar, it gives the audience a visual representation of what they can expect during your webinar (and people love video!). Make sure what you say sounds natural. Even if the ad-libbing is harmless, it’s not always best for professional presentations. The first time I ever tried out a sample of my Lincoln one-person play was at a Toastmaster’s meeting. One. ... 2. I request that the introduction be read, not extemporized. In the sample introduction below–it’s an introduction that I use for some of my  presentations–I include a little joke about myself. Continuously improve and revise your introduction. Why rush off? Our company is the leading provider of [name of the product/service]. For over a decade, he was host of “Up Close” on TBS, the SuperStation founded by Ted Turner. LinkedIn is a useful place to start for this. Ensure you have a team member kicking off the presentation with proper introductions, including credentials of the guest speaker.

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