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I am also going to share a Rebar detailers self-learning Training program. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. In order to avoid this situation, we show the ways to identify rebars by their markings. Bar Bending schedule is too expensive to use all such primitive methods for preparation. In regards to the shop drawings, each rebar detailer has a different method. Read More . What are the dimensions of the Beams and the supports? It should be very clearly shown in the drawings to avoid mistakes and confusion. To have a proper understanding of the Rebar Placing drawing presentation style to suit the Contractors Placing crew. To have a proper understanding of the Rebar Fabrication process (Cutting & Bending)? The main objectives of doing 2D Rebar detailing are as follows: a) To Prepare an error-free Bar bending schedule, when fabricated should fit in the concrete formwork without any issue. Qualified and experienced Rebar Detailers are required to do Rebar Detailing. If it has two lines, it represents grade 520, and no line means grade 40. There is a standard way of bar notation that should be followed according to the drawings. 4. In Advance Concrete 2011, new features have been implemented which help arrange symbols in a reinforcement drawing. Technical drawings are used to visualize just about anything that is manufactured, built or assembled. Old No 182 , New No: 271,Ankur Manor, P.H Road, Kilpauk,Chennai - 600010, Tamil Nadu, India. c) To let the structural engineer, verify and approve if the structural design intent is properly converted into the Rebar Placing drawings and Bar bending schedules. While these drawings can be quite straightforward to individuals who are skilled in the field of engineering or architecture, they can be quite difficult to interpret for laypeople. Hoping to help as a civil engineer. In most cases reinforcement drawings are very crowded, with many dimensions, symbols and reinforcement bars. For doing Infrastructure projects a knowledge on Pile caps, piers, segments, Abutment walls, phylon’s etc are needed. To have a strong Rebar detailing knowledge. Drawings of the individual structural-steel shipping pieces to be produced in the fabrication shop. For example, we will take a BEAM, 6. Furthermore, the grade also can be identified by its additional lines, which must be at least five deformations long, for example, in this picture, the first rebar has one line only, which means the grade of it is 420. Read the break lines. What will be the General cover to be followed on Top, Bottom and side faces of the Beam? The world is going to be needing more Rebar detailers in the future. To read the construction drawings from other trades like Architectural and MEP to check the consistency, clash and any other ambiguities that will affect Rebar detailing. To do Rebar detailing the following skills are required. Copyright © 2017 Betons Reinforcing Bar Company. In that case is there any Dowels(Startup Bars in Middle East language) required to be provided? To read and understand the notes, Schedules and other information that are relevant for Rebar detailing of the various elements. What are the different standard Bend Shapes defined in the code? HOMEPRODUCTSSUPPORTBLOGABOUT USCONTACT US. Required fields are marked *. To raise a Request for Information (RFI) to the Relevant stakeholder and get replies for … Rebar Detailing is a detailed construction engineering process, usually done by the Rebar fabricators, structural engineering consultants or the contractors to prepare a Rebar placing drawing and a Bar Bending Schedule. The same Bar Bending Schedule will be used for accounting and invoicing. It's also better to know the approval process for the Rebar Detailing and Rebar placing drawings. E-mail: 8. Rebar splicing specifications, although regulated by the Building Code of the American Concrete Institute (ACI 318), are site specific and determined by the Engineer of Record on the project. / How to calculate their quantities? A Rebar Detailing software like RGS REBAR or VISKAR BIM is also required to complete this job with quality and promptly. 3. 2. We offer a wide range of forming and shoring detailing options for precision Formwork of any Concrete Structure. I am only trying to emphasize the importance. Industrial Park, Anping County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China. I will explain separately on how this leads to Rebar wastage in the site and how the Structures Quality is devastated due to lack of professional practices. Knowing how to read engineering drawings will help provide you with a better idea of the building plans. d) To do a Rebar wastage analytics and reduce potential scrap existing in the Drawing level. This happens mainly because, in many countries, Rebar Placing drawing preparation is not in practice and hence the Proper way to prepare a Bar Bending schedule is not known to them. Here is just a small sample of the drawings detailed using RebarCAD. We use the latest versions of AutoCAD and RebarCAD to provide our customers accurate and reliable rebar shop drawings. jaw mechanism to hold on to the rebar and impart a bend in it. I am still working on my short bio. How Kumar properties Reduced the Rebar Stock levels in the site by 50%, How to Become a Successful and Prominent Rebar Detailer? These drawings are in addition to the erection drawings. Until then you can browse my 2 posts and provide a feedback. Rebar Detailing is called in different names like Rebar scheduling, RC Detailing and Bar Bending schedule predation, RC Drafting, etc in various countries. We would learn the basic requirements in a concrete design class/book and you can see examples of how a drawing would call out for a typical section by referencing ACI-318. The second marking means the bar size, in this picture, " 11 " means the diameter of this rebar is #3.; The third letter represents the type of steel as follow: . RebarCAD has been used around the world to detail every kind of structure. The Placing drawings are prepared in different ways. What would be the Lap length to be followed? Break lines are used any time a part is removed in order to reveal what lies immediately beneath. The detailer should know the expectations of the client and prepare Rebar Placing drawings in that format. To reiterate, If your company is not preparing Rebar placing drawings, you are wasting a lot of Rebar and the quality of your structure is questionable.

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