how to serve ungava gin

Combine all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice cubes, except spruce beer, pink peppercorns and dill.Shake vigorously for about 10 seconds.Strain into a martini glass.Top up with spruce beer.Garnish with dill and few pink peppercorns. In an old-fashioned glass containing a few ice cubes, combine all the ingredients, except for the rosemary and the orange zest.Stir well with a spoon.Garnish with the orange zest and the sprig of rosemary. It’s unique flavour and hue suggest it would be well worth trying as a cocktail base. Ice cubes. A recommended serve is with tonic, in a classic G&T. Ungava premium gin ¾ oz. […]. A simple and robust gin. That yellow is a product of the botanicals (mainly the rose hip and cloudberry apparently). Don’t Be Afraid to Drink Gin Neat. The base spirit is local corn and the six arctic botanicals range from the relatively common— Rosehips for example. Club sodaSprig of fresh rosemaryOrange zestIce cubes. It’s also worth flagging that – even those who were at the tarter end of their descriptions – we all agreed that this was extremely smooth and drinkable. In case you do not know, the Ungava Peninsula sits at the northern … Although not tried by us, we think Ungava would also hold up well in a cocktail. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ingedients. We did try it with some flavoured tonics, but it simply doesn’t need any additional lifting – it’s a cracking gin in its own right. Watch out for more from Ungava Gin around the city this Summer. 1 ½ oz. 1 Grapefruit wedge. It won’t cost you anything extra. We also recommend cooling or freezing the glass if you can. […], Read our Roku Gin review that finds the taste of Japan in a bottle. Death’s Door Gin. That complexity, and wedded smoothness, meant that we enjoyed Ungava Gin over ice. We’re always looking for ways to up our backyard bartender game, so this summer we’re adding a twist to our favourite classic gin cocktails. We’d simply go for a good quality Indian tonic for Ungava. And the go all the way to the obscure such as the Bakeapple or Labrador Tea. Our Ungava Gin review finds a very distinctive, drinkable and crisp yellow gin packed full of Canadian goodness. Grapefruit juice¾ oz. Tonic water. It’s certainly unique and created a bit of a talking point. Ungava premium gin1 oz. Quite different, and actually not what any of us were expecting. […], There’s a growing range of gins coming from Northern Ireland at the moment. It’s entirely natural, as with the remainder of the product. There were so many adjectives – all positive – that this write-up is going to be tricky. What we did all seem to agree on was that those ‘tea’ botanicals showed through alongside the juniper, and that there was a definite citrusy undercurrent. Next came what we variously described as ‘fruity’, ‘sweet’, ‘minty’ and ‘fresh’. That electric neon yellow color. For the perfect serve, squeeze a grapefruit wedge into a glass. If you click on these we may earn a small commission from the retailer if you buy something. 1 ½ oz. Finish with soda and garnish with the grapefruit slice. Fill an old-fashioned glass with ice cubes. Lemon juice½ oz. Short on botanical numbers, but with a full-on flavour. Let’s get the colour out of the way first, shall we. How to serve Ungava Gin. The Ungava Peninsula, after which the gin is named, is to the top right of Hudson Bay is you were to look on a map. They work well in bars and pubs (probably as they can charge a fortune for them) and are great if you want to serve something special at home too. I’ve not been and frankly, as it’s described as a treeless tundra and sounds incredibly cold, I’m not going to rush there! Fresh lemon juice1 oz. Gin Garnishes: A - Z Click on underlined gins for our review and tasting notes. Simple syrup2 Dashes of egg whiteSpruce beerFresh dillPink peppercornsIce cubes. Pour all liquid ingredients into a shaker with ice.Shake and fine strain into a chilled cocktail coupe or martini glass.Garnish with a lemon zest and enjoy! Honey syrup (2:1 honey:water)Lemon zest. Try a splash of ginger ale. Surprisingly, no this isn’t a bottle of Suze. 1 oz. Ungava premium gin. Very happy to be corrected on that by anyone who has been – it’s likely stunningly beautiful like the rest of Canada. That complexity, and wedded smoothness, meant that we enjoyed Ungava Gin over ice. Wow. # 1689 Gin - Garnish: Apple, Lemon or Strawberry 1897 Quinine Gin - Garnish: Lime 3 Square Miles Gin - Garnish: Lime or Lemon 58 Gin - Garnish: Lemon Peel or Grapefruit 6 O'Clock Gin - Garnish: Lemon or Lime 7 Dials Gin - Garnish: Rhubarb or Clementine Peel A The vibrant hue originates from wild rose hip, one of the six natural botanicals foraged from Ungava Bay used to make this Canadian spirit, which also adds a citrusy floral note to the typically neutral drink. Method. This drink is typically served with a lime, but with Ungava a grapefruit is used to highlight the citrus and floral notes. My notes are therefore ‘sparse’ about the nose. Red vermouth1 oz. Large bowl glasses for gin are becoming more popular and are an opportunity to add to the visual presentation. Bitter liqueur1 oz. As the only yellow gin on the market, Ungava gin is unique in both its colour and flavour profile. Fill an old-fashioned glass with ice cubes.Add the gin and tonic water.Stir well, and garnish with a grapefruit wedge. “These days, a lot … The juniper is there, but there’s also something like a sweet-smelling tea too. It’s very enticing and, to be completely honest, we pretty much skipped through the nosing and got stuck in. O Canada. The good news is that Ungava Gin is widely available in North America and Europe. Serving Suggestions. I made the trip across the Irish Sea to bring you a guide to the flourishing Northern Irish gin scene. 1 ½ oz. First up, we all agreed that the juniper was there is good order, and very pleasantly so. Pages and posts on may contain affiliate links. The first thing that anyone will notice about Ungava Gin is that color. We liked it. It’s bottled at an ABV of 43.1%. A f… Follow with ice cubes and then gin, simple syrup and coconut water. The color is from the infusion of the six arctic plants that make up Ungava’s unique botanical bill. But there’s no need to wait for an outing to enjoy a gin-based tipple – add a bottle of Ungava Canadian Premium Gin to your backyard bar cart, mix up these summer sippers and let the fun be-gin.

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