how to set up parallel compression

There are 3 different ways to use a compressor. But what if I told you that you don’t have to be an expert (with years of experience) to make professional music at home? If number 2 is more your speed, check out Hack #2. Method 2: More and more plug-ins include a MIX knob, where you can control the wet/dry blend directly in the plug-in itself. In other words, aux tracks play an exact copy of other channels in your DAW. It’s only playing for a limited time – we’re always updating the site and this could get removed soon. Try adding heavy top end and low end boosts – or cuts to the mids. In other words, it’s great at natural compression. Inside this new free masterclass, you’ll learn the secret to making radio-ready music at home. Well… For this next hack to work you’ll need to get your static mix down before using any compression. What if I told you that you can make radio-ready music at home, even if you’re new to mixing? Stack some distortion plug-ins on top of your compressor to get an even more crunchy sound (Decapitator, Kaya, Saphira etc…). ContentsWant your mixes to sound pro?What is Parallel Compression?But why is it so popular?How to Use Parallel CompressionThe 3 Ways to Use a CompressorHack #1: Natural Sounding Dynamic ControlHack #2: Beef Up Your Tone with Aggressive CompressionHack #3: Perfect VolumeHack #4: Keep Your Mix Nice and BalancedBonus Tip: Gain AutomationHack #5: Getting a Killer Vocal SoundHack #6: Drums That’ll Make You SwoonHack #7: Liven Up the Mix BusHack #8: The Secret “Rear Bus” TechniqueOne Last Tip: Make Any Instrument Sound Great in the MixWhat Will You Try First?7 Steps to Pro Mixes at Home : As low as possible in most cases, with the compressor releasing towards the end of sustained notes. This is a slight variation of mix bus compression. Add a send. Something below 2 ms. Want your mixes to sound full and more controlled? If you use a … Sometimes it works better than direct compression. This knob lets you mix in as much of the compressed signal as you want. I’ve used parallel compression for quite a while with good results. Natural, subtle control that brings the vocals further forward. I really thank you for giving us this expensive lessons for free. There are other ways to apply parallel processing beside compression, which I touched on in this article. You might notice the compressor pumping as the cymbals ring out. Listen to how the sound changes. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You’re aiming for 5-15 dB’s of gain reduction. Tons of mixing engineers love parallel compression. If your compressor has a high pass filter (HPF) turn it on and set it around 100 Hz. For example, for the drums, you may want to send all kicks, snares, and toms to an aux track with a Distressor absolutely crushing the signal. You rock brother!!! From a practical perspective, then, the key to effective parallel compression is to ensure that the compressor threshold is set comfortably below the lowest signal level to be processed. Great tips on using parallel compression, and explained in a very easy to understand way. Just turning the fader down will also cause your compressor to compress less. That’s a great comparison, thanks Richard! If your making something harsh and abrasive, this next hack is for you. As always a detailed explanation with lots of helpful assets and link to other techniques. You may need to automate breaths and sibilance down on this track as the decreased dynamic range can over-accentuate these features.. The old school way of compression is great, but sometimes you don’t want the whole thing to sound compressed. Amazing….this is just like using layers in Photoshop or Premiere to change the look of a photo or video. Whether you want natural sounding compression or obvious, energetic pumping, parallel compression is an incredible mixing tool. For example, when the vocals come in, everything (except the drums) will get compressed as the vocals trigger the compressor.

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