how to store sweet potatoes for winter

It is so worth it, so have a look through these methods of how to store sweet potatoes for winter to make the most of your sweet potato harvest. The danger is not from frost itself, but from cold temperatures. Potatoes should be stored in a dark environment at about 45˚F to 50˚F (7˚C to 10˚C). For squash, leave stems intact and cure for two weeks to dry and harden the skin before storing. Strive for a temperature range of 55 – 60 degrees F, and definitely do not store sweet potatoes in your refrigerator, as they are susceptible to cold injury. A permanent chilling injury (hard core) can happen to sweet potatoes. Don’t wait till soil temperatures get below 55 degrees. Storing Sweet Potatoes. Sweet potatoes that are bruised haven’t cured correctly. The storage room for how to store sweet potatoes for winter should be padded with 10 to 15 cm thick dry sand and then placed sweet potatoes on them. Most importantly, don’t be afraid of storing your crop. Find an Area Suitable for Storing Potatoes. Until the sweet potatoes have fully frozen, avoid putting anything else on top of them, as they could squish the potatoes and damage them before they have a chance to freeze. In addition to the instructions for storing white potatoes, here are the steps you should follow for storing sweet potatoes: Avoid bruised sweet potatoes. It should only take 5 to 6 hours for the potatoes to thoroughly freeze through. Storing sweet potatoes for the winter is easy, simple, and will reward you with perfect specimens of your favorite vegetable all through the hard months. Sweet potatoes will keep 3-5 months under most circumstances and there are so many uses for them: casseroles, pies, mashed, french fries, baked, fried, boiled, breakfast casseroles, soups,…oh my the list goes on and on. Squash and sweet potatoes do need to be cured before storage. 5 Steps to Storing Potatoes for Winter 1. How to Store Sweet Potatoes for Winter. Sweet potatoes need to be cured at a high temperature (80°–90°F; 26°–32°C) for 5-10 days before storing and don’t let them drop below 50°F (10°C) in storage. Sweet potatoes can only be filled with 70%, so as to leave a place for ventilation, otherwise it will be aggravated by wet and hot. Sweet potatoes and white potatoes do well in similar storage conditions — the two can even be stored together! Store your raw sweet potatoes in the freezer for up to 6 months. Once cured, sweet potatoes will store for months in a cool and dry location.

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