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Performed additional duties as a staff nurse on acute care wards. Attended many educational conferences during the time at Longmont and have learned about many critical health conditions. Objective : Seeking to build a long-term career for a reputable institution and obtain a position where one can maximize nursing education, skills, knowledge, and administrative experiences to reinforce the facility's operations. Skills : Team Player, Customer Service, Detail Oriented. Organized and proactive team player with excellent communication and teaching skills. Here’s a dose of reality: The hospital’s HR staff won’t read your ICU nurse resume. Took ECG and basic ECG reading, performing cardiac pulmonary resuscitation with the use of emergency meds. Provided respiratory, ventilator management, and monitored patients. Evaluated patient conditions with implementation of orders for procedures, medications, and tests. Objective : Registered Nurse Developed skills related to patient scheduling, referrals, and medication management in a clinic setting. Instructed and educated patients and families. To succeed in this line, the following skills are needed – a good understanding of health information structures and technology; demonstrable abilities to respond to emergencies, the ability to work well in stressful situations, and brilliant communication skills. Skills : IV Therapy, Patient Education, Wound Care, Assessment, Patient Advocate. Summary : Seeking a position that rewards loyalty, hard work, dependability, and positive results in the team environment. Performed full assessments, administer medications, and start I.V.'s. Headline : A self-motivated, organized, compassionate, quick learning Registered Nurse with experience in home health quality assurance/improvement, patient care, coordination, and supervision of care for Medicare. Seeking to obtain a position that will utilize customer service, staffing, and managerial skill sets in a way that contributes to the overall growth and development of the company. Interacted daily with a variety of personnel including physicians, radiologic technologists, other medical staff, and patients. Specialized in providing care to patients suffering from cardiac disease and brain injuries, accident victims, and patients recuperating from complex surgeries. Summary : A highly motivated and well-rounded individual who is dependable, self-motivated, with a diverse clinical background seeking an opportunity for professional growth in a wellness setting. sedation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment opportunities for registered nurses will grow by 15% over the next decade. Intensive Care Nurse Resume Questions. Accurately documented all elements of nursing assessment, treatments, medications, discharge instructions, and follow-up care. Regularly interpreted rhythms for each patient and responded to codes. Provided ventilator care, recovery room care, pre/post-op care. Proficient in managing patients and their healthcare. Managed patients with chest tube drainage. Knowledge to float between CCU, telemetry, and cardiac cath lab. Administered medications intravenously, by injection, orally, through gastric tubes, or by other methods. Drew labs from existing central venous pressure and arterial lines. How to write Experience Section in Nurse Resume, How to present Skills Section in Nurse Resume, How to write Education Section in Nurse Resume. Utilized therapeutic communication with patients and family members to provide education and support. Registered Nurse ICU / Critical Care Resume Examples & Samples ICU (Intensive Care Unit) /ED (Emergency Department/Room) Promotes the optimal health, wellbeing and safety of the patient through use of the nursing process and in accordance with patient care standards, guidelines and the State Nurse … Assessed and prioritized care for multiple critically ill patients. Provided care to patients through the nursing process of assessment, planning, intervention, implementation, evaluated patient's progress, and modified plan. Frequently collaborated with the health care team for respiratory, social work, and physicians for patient discharge planning. Headline : To engage in a constant learning environment, one that allows for challenges and rewards. Assisted physicians with diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. Provided advanced nursing care to critically ill patients in an intensive care setting. Highly skilled critical care nurse with experience in managing medical and surgical critically ill patients. Cared for patients in Liver ICU with conditions of gastroenterology and Hepatobiliary diseases such as Wilson's disease, pancreatitis, Hepatitis along with combating, intensive problems such as renal failure, ARDS, and Pruritus. Provided care for critically ill patients at a Level 1 trauma centers. Headline : Employment as a family nurse practitioner in a healthcare setting providing care to patients across the lifespan.Proactive and dedicated with a true passion and commitment to providing exceptional patient care. Objective : Registered Nurse offering more than 5 years of nursing experience in the areas of MICU nurse, peripheral intravenous access, and TPN and Chemo TherapySpecal Procedures RN GI, MRI RN cons. A degree in the field of Nursing is commonplace among job applicants. See the intensive care nurse resume sample below for more information on writing a resume that stands out from the crowd. The day-to-day duties vary from setting to setting, however, certain duties are common and are listed on the ICU Registered Nurse Resume as – evaluating the patient’s conditions, providing constant support during recovery, and administering treatment, evaluating and monitoring the progress of patients, identifying sudden and subtle changes in the patient’s medical condition; delivering regular updates to doctors, patients, and family members; beginning treatment and monitoring doses; completing the necessary paperwork, maintaining patient records; and implementing effective care plans. Assisted patients with healing and recovery after surgery. ICU Nurse Resume. Managed critical care patients at various stages of illness. Worked in a busy ICU taking care of up to three critical patients a shift,. Responsible for recovering post-operative. Managed care for patients with multiple chronic/acute conditions including renal, cardiac, respiratory, GI, and diabetic. Skills : ACLS, Project Management, Data Analysis, Quality Improvement. Provided critical care nursing to adult and pediatric patients with severe life-threatening traumatic injuries. Acted as a patient advocate and implemented total patient care through a team nursing process covering 2-3 high acuity patients per shift. Skills : Cultural Awareness, Professionalism, Attention to Detail. Worked as a part of the critical care team to provide care to critical patients and their families. Planned needs with members of the healthcare team. Proficient at used heart monitors, external pacers, ventilators, the CVVH machine, cardiac balloon pump, and different kinds of pumps to administer medication or narcotics. Skills : Hospice, Pain Management, Team Management, Patient Care, Dependable, Honest. Evaluated patients; post-surgical or post-anesthesia responses. Provided professional care for critically injured and extremely ill patients according to the doctor's orders. ICU Nurse Resume Sample. Headline : Employment as a family nurse practitioner in a healthcare setting providing care to patients across the lifespan. Assessed the need for, ordered, obtained, and interpreted appropriate lab tests. Performed all duties of ICU Nurse on a 21bed Critical Care Unit, serving as a Cardiac Care Nurse and Medical-Surgical Nurse simultaneously. 3 years of experience in Neuro/ICU and ICU. Skills : Phlebotomy Certified, ACLS & BLS, RN License. Managed 3 patients in critical set up with ventilators, patient populated consists of not limited to the following list respiratory failure on vent support, myasthenia gravis with a tracheostomy tube, stroke, post-CAG, RTA on vent support, post craniotomy on vent support. A Bachelor’s degree in nursing or a relevant field is commonplace among job applicants. Searching for exceptional working opportunities. ICU Registered Nurse Resume. Promoted team building, striving to keep and promote a positive environment. Served as the primary coordinator of all disciplines for well-coordinated patient care. Acted as a Preceptor for new employees and students. Skills : Infection Control, Pain Management, Medication Administration. Identified the correct person to assist to complete the task needed.

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