importance of power

Retrieved February 21, 2013, from PSYCH 485 Lesson 07: Power & Influence: Not really. Normally, the higher the position or status, the more compliance the leader is able to get from the followers. Catlin adopts Mas Weber’s definition of politics as “the struggle of power or the influencing of those in power.”. Differences between Sociology and Political Science? In order to meet the challenge of Palestinian guerillas, Israel invaded Lebanon on 6th June, 1982. The nature of that control—what we will define as power and authority—is an important feature of society. A leader high in expert power is seen as having the expertise to facilitate the work of others. As stated above, power is part of a relationship. Violence is of course never a good option, whether through warfare or terrorism, but political balance of power always normally results in a standoff of non-violence. But there is always power—- political power exists in the world and will be used by those who have it——.”, 5. MacIver is of the view that everything that is happening around us is in some way or the other concerned with power. 2. (2011). Power is the function of a relationship because it belongs not only to the leader, but also to the followers and the situation. In the political power the military power plays a secondary role because the military authorities have to obey the President and Prime Minister. I think we can all agree that we know a leader who has legitimate power. Influence is the degree of actual change in a target’s attitudes, values, beliefs or behaviors (PSU WC, L.7.). Acceptance of authority, So to say, is the recognition of moral right. 4. The power of punishment, or the ability to sanction individuals for failure to conform to standards or expectations, is the least-leveraged source of power. Legitimate power or influence is generally called authority. One often hears about the powers of the President, Prime Minister, Judiciary, State power and student’s power. Resources include such things as money, skills and/or intelligence. Energy is an important input for economic development and power sector is an indispensable infrastructure in any economy. A leader high in referent power is generally liked and admired by others because of personality. It reduces the lag time in making influential decisions that affect the normal functioning of the organization. No state can get recognition as a super power or big power without becoming a big military power. Is there one best type of power to have? Slates and Government exist to exert power. In Robert Bierstedt’s opinion, “Force is manifest power- Force means the reduction or limitation or closure or even total elimination of alternatives to the social action of one person or group by another person or group”. We have also seen that power is the ability of an individual or groups to influence another individuals or group. Legitimate power is based on the position, office, or title held by the leader. In order to understand this, we must understand what it means to have power. The second way to measure power is to rely on judgment made by the people. Power is the function of a relationship because it belongs not only to the leader, but also to the followers and the situation. It we want to measure power in India and Pakistan, then we will have to judge who is ruling actually Delhi and Islamabad. Among all the causes which degrade and demoralize man, power is the most constant and the most active”. The president, dean, director, or chief executive officer can theoretically “call the shots” in an organization and be fairly certain his or her instructions will be carried out. On the other side, I may be motivated to become a supermodel but if I lack the resources, such as beauty and talent, my motivation means absolutely nothing. PETER … Retrieved February 21, 2013, from PSYCH 485 Lesson 07: Power & Influence:, The Toxic Triangle: Chronicle of a fatal teleconference, Bridging Cultural Gaps: Dilemmas in Contrasting Countries. In the political field the authority has to be legitimate in order to command willing obedience. If we get more power than we have awa. The field of political science, according to him, is “the field of study of social controls or more specifically, of the control relationship of human and even animal wills”.

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