importance of urban tourism

7 miles of curved sandy beaches with three European Blue Flags and six Seaside Awards, Average of 7.7 hours a day of summer sunshine, 842 hectares (2,080 acres) of parks and gardens with nine gardens holding the Green Flag Award (recognising environmental protection, community use and safety & cleanliness), Population from Census 2001 is 163,444, the 2008 mid-year estimate is 163,900 and the population is projected to reach almost 168,000 by 2026, 68,800 employees in Bournemouth work in the service sector (ABI, NOMIS, 2007), Median gross weekly earnings for 2009 for the Bournemouth residents was £371.60 representing 93% of the England and Wales figure (ASHE, ONS), Over 14,600 students attended Bournemouth University in 2007/08 – (65.4% over 21 years of age), Just over 1,000 overseas students attending Bournemouth University in 2007/08, A total of 38 schools with 20,187 pupils (Schools’ Census, October 2009), 1,344 (gross) and 1,218 (net) new dwellings constructed 2008/09, Bournemouth Airport: almost 1 million passengers (in 2007/08) to more than 50 destinations including USA, Europe and Channel Islands and over 11,000 tonnes of freight, Just over 2.27 million rail passenger journeys in 2003/2004, Just over 57 kilometres of Principal Type roads within the Borough, Average house price for February 2010 was £170,179 (Land Registry), 95 minutes rail journey to London Waterloo, Fast Ferry from Poole to France (Cherbourg) or Channel Islands. (2008: 1038) state, is one among many social and economic forces in the, environment. This results increasing the demand of residential housing, which could be out of reach for the local population. Fulfilling tourism’s potential as a tool of sustainable and inclusive growth for cities requires a multi-stakeholder and multilevel approach based on close cooperation among tourism and non-tourism administrations at different levels, private sector, local communities and tourists themselves. Article |. Calle Poeta Joan Maragall 42 Abstract: Urban tourism is becoming increasingly important both for private entrepreneurs and local authorities. To qualify for the discount, you must have paid at least 50% of your order cost by 23:59 on Wednesday 3rd of December 2020 (UTC/GMT). According to UNWTO, Urban Tourism is "a type of tourism activity which takes place in an urban space with its inherent attributes characterized by non-agricultural based economy such as administration, manufacturing, trade and services and by being nodal points of transport. Bournemouth is one of the classical examples of urban tourism. It is losing the unique selling point and is transforming into another beach city, this is a matter of concern that has been voiced by the local authorities. In 2009 Bournemouth achieved nine Green Flags national award for its parks, these parks also offer guided walks giving information some fascinating trees to be found there. The technological developments and transformation of the world into a global community has resulted in extensive growth of tourism around the world in recent years. Some of the negative socio-cultural impact of tourism can be summarised as follows. (, 2008), Bournemouth has a varied variety of ornamental gardens and countryside many of which have various protective designations. To make a tourist comfortable and make their stay pleasurable, they start importing goods from others parts and their dependence and importance of their locally produced goods decreases. (, 2005). It has also resulted in the increase of taxes be it residential or business. Though till 1980’s tourism was not considered to be a healthy part of the economy. Tourists have various reasons to visit Bournemouth. Source: South West Tourism using the Cambridge Model Tourism plays a very strong part in the city’s local economy. If the tourist attracts to one form of element only, the economy starts paying attention to that element and dependency on that element drastically increases. Bournemouth tourism promotes the establishments of these accommodations either under Bournemouth Quality Standards Scheme or the quality assed either by AA or Quality in tourism. Thus, it is very important for the urban people to understand that their place will be shared by the tourist.

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