incogmeato vs impossible

Incogmeato by Morningstar Farms, owned by Kellogg Co. (K) ... if not impossible, for new entrants like Beyond Meat to match or overcome in the near term, if ever. Incogmeato is such a corny name for a plant-based meat product that all I can do is admire it. Source: … A Burger King Impossible Whopper and a regular Whopper have about the same calories (630 vs. 660) and both contain unhealthy amounts of saturated fat and salt and more saturated fat … The new line will … ... especially as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods continue to branch out through fast … The new lines will compete directly with the imitation meat burgers of Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. For example, without any … In early 2020, MorningStar Farms—a subsidiary of the Kellogg Company—will debut its “Incogmeato” vegan meat line at grocery stores and through foodservice partners. Incogmeato, the new next generation product line by MorningStar Farms.

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