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I normally do one or two invention run every week, pick up 50 small ship copies and invent on them. By combining a Tech 1 blueprint, several datacores, and a data interface, there is a chance that a T2 blueprint will be successfully created. The past week and a half, I am seeing 25% and below success rate. The -40% success rate decryptors that give +9 runs seem to be practical for some tech II frigates and interdictors, but not all. about two-thirds of the time I’ll get 3,4 or 5 successful inventions). It takes me a couple of days. Normally, I would get near the 61.5℅ success rate i.e. Invention is the process by which Tech 2 blueprints are created. 1 Before Invention 2 Skills Needed 3 Items Needed 3.1 Blueprint Copy 3.2 Datacores 3.3 Data Interface 3.4 Base Item 3.5 Decryptors 4 Invention … If I have a 40% success rate, then if I do ten inventions, the chance of getting exactly four invention successes is 25%, the odds for 3 is 21%, for 5 it’s 20%. In the first couple of weeks, I was getting a 35%-45% success rate on Cruiser and Frigate class invention jobs. (i.e. from those 50 … Invention Jobs also offer the use of optional items in the form of Decryptors, which will affect the resulting Tech II blueprint copy as well as the invention success chance.These optional items will be used up, independent of job success… The decryptors that do not modify your success chance, but give … Anyone else …

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