is spaghetti healthy

The average restaurant serving of spaghetti & meatballs heaped with grated cheese is enough food for two people. Of course, they’re not as budget friendly as a regular package of spaghetti, and the texture might be slightly different, but nutrition-wise, they have a lot to offer in terms of making a plant-forward meal. So is protein pasta healthy? Benefits of spaghetti * It is delicious and makes me happy. Here are some of the healthy pasta … But it actually boasts a number of health benefits that make it a true good-for-you food when eaten in the right … Healthy reasons to eat pasta Pasta is often made out to be a guilty pleasure. While red sauce and meatballs are a much better choice than creamy pasta carbonara or … Happy people live longer. It's easy to make pasta healthy with these tips from Consumer Reports. * It is a good source of calories at low cost. Done right, it can be a nutritious part of your diet. If you are trying to manage your weight, the high amount of calories in spaghetti could add up if you overindulge or smother your pasta with fatty sauces. Pasta's reputation as an empty carb isn’t deserved. Even fairly expensive pasta is cheaper … And have better lives.

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