japanese owl cafe

Yasu says that he's had people come back "60, 70 times" to the space -- although sadly there's no record of an entranced customer uttering the immortal line: "Owl be back.". Contrary to its name, however, the 'cafe' element of the experience is significantly lacking. Japanese Etiquette - 10 Things NOT to Do When You Travel to Japan, Ninja Japan – An introduction to Japan’s Mysterious Shinobi, Fukuoka Japan - The Best Things To Do, Where To Stay, How To Get There, Sakura Japan - A Guide To Enjoy The Cherry Blossom Festival | Spring 2020, Mount Aso Japan - A Gorgeous Volcanic Region You Need To Visit, Hakone Japan – A Complete Travel Guide To Visit This Gorgeous Area, One For The Road : A Final Tour Before Leaving Tokyo, Miyajima Ryokan - 5 Great Japanese Inns You Should Absolutely Try. In the owl cafe sit around 25 owls, of varying sizes and breeds, quietly eyeing the human guests as they step around the quiet room. Marta Kaczan is a Polish customer and finance worker visiting Tokyo from London, where she lives. "Humans are the first thing they see so they grow up used to us.". Join us on a 12-month journey to see them all, Best service and food at Tokyo's maid cafes. And then there's Snowman, Kabuki and Mr. Satoshi; Sweet Potato and Gorilla. This package includes a lot of playtime with the owls, a drink and a dessert, as well as an original souvenir which you can get at the end of your visit. For a fee of ¥1500 ($12) patrons are invited to pick an owl and sit at one of the small tables with it, stroking their impossibly soft feathers and cooing. You can book one or more spots through Voyagin, a travel company that offers great deals on attractions like these, so click here to get your spot and show up at your chosen time. She tells CNN that the owl cafe wasn't primarily the reason why she made her trip, but she's made it her mission to fit in as many animal cafes -- including an earlier pit stop at a snake cafe -- as she can during her brief period in the Japanese capital. There's Shrimp, a pygmy owl who is new to the gang, and a little nervous, eeking as customers approach. The Owl Cafe is a place that makes you feel like you’ve taken a few minutes off from the busyness of Tokyo to visit some very cute friends in their very cosy home! When we booked our spots, we were allotted one hour of owl playtime soat first, we sat at our table for around 25 minutes, indulged in a delicious dessert and were able to choose from a variety of hot and cold drinks. Ikefukurou cafe, located just a minute walk from the east exit of Ikebukuro station, is one of the hottest spots in Tokyo. It was so much fun and I can only recommend it to anyone who has some time to spare in Tokyo or simply loves animals. Although how much sleep he gets, in a Tokyo apartment full of nocturnal birds, is anyone's guess. Sessions with the owls last about an hour, and at the end of it Yasu or his assistant with take a photo of you with your new feathered companion. Animal cafes are all over Tokyo, but I think the Owl Cafe is a special one. Others include the mesmerizing Charles Xavier, a black banded owl whose coal black eyes peer into your very soul. And if you are looking for more themed cafes in Tokyo, you can also try the cat cafes, the kawaii monster cafe or also the robot restaurant. Since only a small number of people  is allowed to enter the cafe at once, early online booking is necessary. . In this cafe you will get to spend some time with  a number of beautiful and different owls and interact with them in a safe environment. I instantly felt the tranquillity of the place and felt so far away from the busy Tokyo.

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