kfc twitter following painting

Twitter user @edgette22 discovered that KFC follows only 11 people on Twitter: 5 Spice Girls and 6 guys named Herb. Savvy Twitter user who discovered that KFC follows 11 herb and spice accounts is rewarded with a framed PAINTING of himself on Colonel Sanders' back KFC has now commissioned a painting … (UPI) A man whose post pointing out a subtle joke by KFC's Twitter account went viral was rewarded by the restaurant with a painting of himself and Colonel Sanders. 'A Kentucky Fried thank you!' ... the Sioux Falls man whose tweet about KFC following 11 "Herbs and spices" on Twitter went viral in October. The Official Subreddit of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team. From the Wendy's sassy Twitter account to Arby's geektastic Instagram, fast food joints have been knocking it out of the park entertaining customer with their posts. KFC creates painting for Sioux Falls man who tweeted its herbs and spices. Discussions about the latest team news, players, highlights, and more!. KFC Commissioned a Painting For the Guy Who Solved Their Twitter Riddle We can appreciate a strong Social Media game. But for Edgette, who KFC rewarded with a grandiose oil portrait for pointing out that the company only follows "11 herbs and spices" on Twitter, the price of … KFC gifts painting to the man who noticed their ’11 herbs and spices’ pun on Twitter Yes, Mike Edgette, who goes by @edgette22 on Twitter received a unique gift -- a painting of himself riding on Colonel's back with of course a KFC fried leg for noticing that the fast-food brand follows on 11 spice and herbs. The KFC team has shipped Edgette a framed, custom painting of him piggyback riding Colonel Sanders against a serene backdrop of soaring snow …

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