kicker l7 15 ported box

Available KPL10S 2.18 1 - 10" 15 … Answer (4): Theres A Guy That Lives By Me & He Has The 15'' Kicker CVX (The Round L7) Their Basically The Same Just Diff. he has it running on a kicker zx 550.2. hes prob gonna upgrade to a bigger amp soon but for now thats what he has in a 03 monte carlo. 0 Posts . that box size is not too large. i did many boxes for L7's and L5's last summer, and 5.5-6 cubes at 34-38hz will slam. Would a 15' kicker L7 subwoofer in a ported box fix into the trunk of a 2005 Chrysler 300? KICKER - L7/L5 Ported KPL12DC With larger air volume the KPL Series are built to L7, L5 recommendations between Street Bass and SPL specs. i made a box on RE box calculator and this is what i … anything between 4.5-6 will do pretty good, but 6 is by far the best for a daily driver L7 15. Question (4):If ported, what should the port be tuned at (#Hz)? I plan on Playing **** like gucci mane and lil boosie, so music that already bumps, Gimme tips please. Square and rectangular boxes are straight-edged boxes on all sides, whereas hatchback and truck style enclosures feature an angled front or back design that allows for installation in places short on depth such as single cab pickup trucks. If so will 2? You can also use such enclosures in hatchback cars or other vehicles where space is a premium. I'm kinda new at systems and i have not a clue if i will end up liking it. Ships from and sold by UnbeatableSale, Inc. Dual sub versions individually chambered. Shape Its Ported & Its Tuned To 28 Hz. My dimensions are: Height: 17 Width: 37 Depth: 18 Thanks Last edited by zackdash; 01-15-2009 at 03:17 PM. Sold Out ... Memphis Mojo Mini 6.5" Ported Subwoofer Box MJM644 - 6.5" From $75 ... Cadillac Escalade SUV Kicker L7 15" 12" Speaker Box Sub Subwoofer Enclosure. The box style or shape refers to the actual shape of the box. I have a 15" Solo-Baric L7 and was curious on how it would work as a home sub. Avalanche Escalade EXT Kicker L7 Speaker Box Midgate Sub Subwoofer Enclosure. So Tune Yours To 28 Hz. I'm planning on 2000-4000 watts. Model # Total Openings Port Area Port Depth fb / f3 W H Cu.Ft. Remove Advertisements. This item: Q Power QBOMB15VL SINGLE SQ Single 15-Inch Side Vented Speaker Box for Kicker L7 Subwoofer with… $113.09 Only 1 left in stock - order soon. If You Can. Sold Out View. Too much? Discussion Starter • #1 • Aug 3, 2008. i am trying to make a box for my brothers 15 inch l7 i want to make a vented box. And if so is 2 15' Kicker L7's too loud for this sedan? & Its Hella Loud. Need ported box plans for 2 kicker l7 15"s. Anybody have any ported box plans for two 08' kicker l7 15"s tuned around 32hz?

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