kicker pt250 vs hideaway

on the KICKER homepage, Please E-mail or call Technical Services (405) 624-8583 for unanswered or specifi c questions. If I understand correctly you can set the level on the Hideaway OR use the remote. With an amplified loaded enclosure and grille for extra protection, the subwoofer is simple to set up and remove. I install the Kicker Hideaway 8" Sub/Amplifier in my 2016 Mustang GT! You won’t notice a massive difference in the 200.4 vs the 180.4. You will only notice a mild difference in the 10” vs the 8” I personally would spend a little more on speakers (the new Kicker KS 6x9 components are good for the money) and do a separate sub/amp. The remote overrides the setting in the Hideaway. BRO grille, KICKER speakers, Key amp, Hideaway sub. This is great for adding bass while saving space at the same time. Exracer2, … It is also extremely durable to ensure that is stands the test of time. Add extreme bass to your car's system with the Kicker 10" Subwoofer, PT250. Not sure if the RF is the same but I would assume it is. 22013 PT250 Rev B.indd 7013 PT250 Rev B.indd 7 33/19/2013 3:07:40 PM/19/2013 3:07:40 PM

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