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Lasagna sheets, spaghetti, fettuccine or any shape you want with stamps, roller or by hand! Perfect as it rolls effortlessly through the pasta roller. You don’t want to be cutting spaghetti by hand, trust me. Gourmet Pasta Press. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Key Considerations. That being said, I’ll have to compare it to the most popular electric equivalent, the Philips Pasta Maker. Versatility rating: MultitaskerGood for: If you find yourself reaching for the box grater day in and day out. Original KitchenAid 3-piece attachment set. 3. I’m not sure. It meets an auger, which drives the dough through the shaping disc. Versatility rating: MultitaskerGood for: The very occasional juicer. I used the julienne disc to grate potatoes for a rösti, but I found myself missing my food processor in the cabinet below: Pieces of potato kept getting trapped in the crawl space between the blade and the plunger. I love the KitchenAid pasta roller, simple as that—it gives you that giddy I can make anything! To use the attachment, just connect it to your stand mixer’s power hub and add your favorite homemade dough. You can use the standard pasta roller to make lasagna sheets. © 2020 Condé Nast. You are in RIGHT PLACE. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for KitchenAid Pasta Roller and Fettuccini Cutter Attachment at This one couldn’t have been easier: Freeze the ice cream canister for 15 hours (pretty standard for canister ice cream makers), pop in the plastic dasher, and affix a little gadget to the part of the stand mixer where you usually screw on the beater. Multiple sets with different attachments are available, as you can also opt to only buy the roller attachment. Photo by Chelsea Kyle, Food Styling by Joe Sevier, 3-Piece Pasta Roller & Cutter Attachment Set $130 on Amazon, KitchenAid Gourmet Pasta Press Attachment with 6 Interchangeable Pasta Plates, $116 on Amazon, KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Attachment, $50 on Amazon, very solid recipe for lentil-mushroom burgers, KitchenAid Food Grinder Attachment, $32 on Amazon, KitchenAid Citrus Juicer Attachment, $25 on Amazon, KitchenAid Spiralizer Attachment, $75 on Amazon, Fresh Prep Slicer/Shredder Attachment, $40 on Amazon, KitchenAid Masticating Juicer and Sauce Attachment, $130 on Amazon, KitchenAid Vegetable Sheet Cutter, $75 on Amazon, KitchenAid Grain Mill Attachment $110 on Amazon, KitchenAid Food Processor Attachment with Commercial Style Dicing Kit, $150 on Amazon, KitchenAid Ravioli Maker Attachment, $100 on Amazon, KitchenAid Sifter + Scale Attachment, $95 on Amazon. Thank you. The reviews on KitchenAid’s site for this attachment are ecstatic—many claim that this is the best one there is and that it has made their baking better and more consistent. If you want extruded pasta shapes, such as penne or macaroni, you’ll have to do this by hand. I bought the Kitchenaid pasta roller with the two fettucini and spaguetti cutters. This upscale pasta press attachment is for serious homemade pasta enthusiasts. Having said that, I think anyone who is contemplating getting these attachments should be aware that they do need a stand mixer from KitchenAid to be able to use these pasta maker attachments. 5. If you do, it’s a great choice. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for ANTREE Pasta Maker Attachment 3 in 1 Set for KitchenAid Stand Mixers Included Pasta Sheet Roller, Spaghetti Cutter, Fettuccine Cutter Maker Accessories and Cleaning Brush at Quality: Excellent. The attachments are great and you can’t blame a bad batch of pasta on the machines. Which KitchenAid Attachments Are Actually Worth the Money? However, you’ll be forced to make pasta shapes by hand. They are made of high quality metal and it doesn’t make your KitchenAid look bulky at all. OxGord Pasta Maker Machine Review: For roughly $30, the OxGord Pasta Maker Machine gets the job done, helping you serve up pasta creations that are just as delicious as those made with the KitchenAid. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. While we are on this topic, the pasta maker attachment is compatible with any KitchenAid Stand Mixer. Compared to many other well-known brands, their quality is equal or higher in many regards. That said, the flour was beautiful: uniform and incredibly fine. Great video! As I own a KitchenAid Artisan owner myself, I like to keep my stand mixer clean. In comparison to the first model I tested, this machine makes complex shapes fit for the true pasta enthusiast. I would like an even thickness for my Cucidati dough sheets. The last one is the most important as it is the most versatile – an empty pasta canvas that you can unleash your creativity upon. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for KitchenAid Pasta Maker Attachment for Stand Mixers at Determined to find out, I tried them all in my home kitchen with my beloved stand mixer (snagged at a stoop sale for $25!). While … Has anyone had this problem? Versatility rating: Special InterestGood for: Pasta nerds. Thank you for both of your helpful reviews. One gripe: The pound of carrots I grated stained the white inside of the attachment bright orange. I used more of the same farro egg dough that I used with the pasta press to test the ravioli maker, plus a batch of minty pea-and-parmesan filling. Versatility rating: Single UseGood for: Skip it! The KitchenAid pasta attachments are small and don’t weigh a lot; combined they weigh a total of 7 pounds. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. I am comparing the Philips Pasta Maker VS the KitchenAid roller and cutter attachment set. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. If a trip to Italy doesn’t fit in your budget, don’t fret. I believe it should work. If youre taking the attachments somewhere else, you’ll have to be sure there is a KitchenAid available as they are of no use without the stand mixer. It’s easy and even meditative to use, and the fact that it attaches to the KitchenAid means you have both hands free to feed and catch the pasta (this is harder with analog countertop models, which are powered by a hand crank). The juicer attachment (which you can also use for making apple or tomato sauce) comes in a big box, and unpacking it, you’ll find as I did that there are lots of bits and pieces: basket inserts for your preferred pulp level, a two-in-one plunger system for pushing your fruit down the feed tube, an auger/blade combo that breaks up fruit and grinds it against your chosen basket insert, pitchers for catching juice and pulp… It was all a little intimidating coming out of the box, but it assembled efficiently and compactly. Switching between the pasta roller attachment and the spaghetti/fettuccine attachment isn’t a hassle at all. Yes, we did fall for it. The KitchenAid Pasta Roller and Cutter Set features the KitchenAid pasta roller attachment, as well as the spaghetti and fettuccine attachments. This pasta press incorporates all of the various pasta cutting tools into one compact(ish) attachment. It would be less bothersome if the scale could be used on its own without the sifter (the manual claims it can be used this way, but I couldn't see how). Required fields are marked *. We tried adding more flour but still no luck. The pasta roller is the real king here. All rights reserved. Then, you slowly crank the machine. This pasta attachment set works wonders and is a great addition to your KitchenAid. This pasta set from KitchenAid does most things very well, but it comes at a higher price point than most machines. The quick-start manual tells you to pull the juicer’s pulp spout out before juicing; this is, somewhat counterintuitively, the “closed” position (pushing the spout in is “open”). Reader, it took ten minutes to grind about a half cup of farro. You add the ingredients and let the machine do the work. I couldn’t get this to work—I’m not sure what happened, but the machine clogged, the dough mashed and tore, and that was that. Guides, Pasta Makers / April 12, 2020 by admin. 3. We like how the KitchenAid mixers are designed, and the same goes for the pasta roller and cutter attachments. There is something pretty magical about watching a hunk of zucchini go spiraling off like a firecracker. Owning a KitchenAid stand mixer is a rite of passage for home cooks: Sturdy, sleek, and heirloom-worthy, it has saved many a tired arm from beating egg whites and kneading dough. This makes Philips a popular choice if you want to enjoy fresh pasta without the ‘hassle’. any advice? Right away I felt a little bamboozled. The KitchenAid® pasta attachments also come with a small cleaning brush (you can’t immerse the attachments into water) and an easy-to-read instruction/cookbook. They are both great pasta makers. KitchenAid KSMPEXTA Pasta Press Attachment Review. This gourmet press makes it easy to whip up six shapes of pasta: spaghetti, bucatini, rigatoni, fusilli and large or small macaroni. It comes with 3 attachments to make spaghetti, fettuccine and lasagna sheets. KitchenAid’s website recommends using the sheets as replacements for pastas, wraps, or even as a sort of “flatbread.” The attachment itself was easy to use and then to clean.

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