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As someone who started out in the intensive care unit (ICU), I understand how difficult it can be. The NCLEX is supposed to test for minimum level of competency. I’m not going to say don’t work a lot of shifts. In real life, doctors are not readily available, and your patient has a ton of comorbidities. In an ideal world, your preceptor would be your mentor as well. As a new nurse, you might get caught up in how much money you could make working some extra shifts. You have intra-aortic balloon pumps, impella ventricular... Ability to Prioritize. It’s a good way to be disliked, and you won’t learn as much. You can get the nursing reference cards on Amazon. The doctors are going to stress you out, and your nurse coworkers will stress you out. This might surprise many, but your preceptor is the one that’s going to help you start building up your foundations as an ICU nurse. Every list of ICU nurse skills starts with comprehensive education and hands-on... 2. I dont have an idea how to be a good nurse in ICU I dont even know what is my role their.. Im a little bit worried, I dont want to be an emptyheaded infront of my C.I. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself. If you see someone else struggling help them out. Unfortunately, I didn’t stay in the ICU too long, and I ended up moving along to another nursing area. As some of you might know to get into CRNA school, you need some experience in the ICU or the ER. Understandably, many of them are distraught. Another thing ICU nurses do is interact with patient families. When you add shift differentials and bonuses (depending on facility) for picking up extra shifts. Passion for the Job What you’ll quickly realize is the NCLEX world doesn’t really help you much for real-life practice. Some questions you might ask yourself is…. Nursing school’s job was to prepare you to pass the NCLEX. The Stress-Proof Brain: Master Your Emotional Response to Stress Using Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity. We're sending an email you can use to verify and access your account. Read about common ICU principles you will come across before you start work. This one is really short, sweet, and to the point. They must coordinate dozens of medications and treatments, adapting as the patient improves or worsens. I will have my duty in ICU this coming sunday 10-6 shift and it is my first time to be an ICU student nurse.. You don’t really need to buy anything you can easily just search the information online and get your information there. Let me clarify a couple of things about this. If you’re wanting something that has all the information curated already check out Critical Care Nursing: Made Incredibly Easy (on Amazon). You don’t have to get these since you can pretty much find all the information online. I’m not saying you have to become best friends with your nurse co-workers. Learn more: Sign on Bonus - Registered Nurse ICU/CCU Las Cruces,NM, Registered Nurse ICU Training Program Altamonte Springs at AdventHealth, ICU RN - Travel ILLINOIS - Peoria, Urbana , Bloomington, Registered Nurse | RN | Intensive Care Unit | ICU | Contract, Registered Nurse ICU 15k Sign On Bonus FT Multiple Shifts Available Winter Park at AdventHealth, Registered Nurse- RN -Intensive Care Unit- ICU, ZipRecruiter, Inc. © All Rights Reserved Worldwide. I think we can fall into the trap of taking certification tests like the BLS or ACLS for granted. Lastly, be your own advocate. 1. There’s going to be so much you’re going to learn in such a short period. Qualities of a Great ICU Nurse A Knack for Technology. Not to mention long after you’re done with your orientation, they’re supposed to be a great resource you can keep coming back to. What am I going to do when I walk on the unit? A good ICU nurse pays close attention to detail, as you are required to continually monitor some of the most critically sick or injured patients in a hospital. I’m looking back now trying to figure out why I ended up not staying. How to call the doctor (what you should have already done and what you should ask for). This isn’t to say anything negative about the NCLEX or about nursing school. I say all of this to get to this point. ICU nurses need to stay organized—emergency situations can pop up fairly frequently, and often right when you’re in the middle of making your rounds. Below are some more resources to help new nurses stepping into the ICU. Unlike other areas where you were calling the doctor for every little thing related to diabetes. You must be able to work in difficult conditions and be prepared to deal with medical emergencies with short notice. Learning your flow as an ICU nurse will help you prioritize what’s important. When are you going to do your assessments on your patients?

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