liver enzymes levels chart

The standard range largely depends on the laboratory but in general, is somewhere around 0 … Significance. If you go outside (or too high) this range then you are considered to have elevated liver enzymes. Higher than normal level of liver enzymes in blood: This can mean the liver is unhealthy. Liver damage or disease may be present even when liver enzyme levels … However, a patient may have normal liver enzymes levels but still have liver damage. High levels of liver enzymes and other chemicals in the blood might mean that you have hepatitis, liver disease or cirrhosis. There are two basic types of liver enzymes subject to measurement: transaminases and cholestatic liver enzymes, Dr. Melissa Palmer, internal medicine specialist and hepatologist, explains at the LiverDisease website. Signs of hepatitis include stools that are pale in color, fatigue, pain or swelling in … Elevated levels of AST and ALT may signify the level of liver … Patients also can have higher than normal liver enzyme levels … Low level of liver enzymes in blood: Usually, this means the liver is healthy. Evaluation of Liver Disease Based on Enzyme Levels It is customary and useful to categorize liver diseases into three broad categories: Hepatocellular , in which primary injury is to the hepatocytes; cholestatic , in which primary injury is to the bile ducts; and infiltrative , in which the liver … Normal levels of ALT (SGPT) ranges from about 7-56 units/liter of serum (the liquid part of the blood), Normal levels of AST (SGOT) is about 5-40 units/liter of serum.

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