make a telescope

on Step 5, We're about to do this I hope we can make it for our science proj. now keep the lens at the end of the sheet and roll it along the circumference of the lens. secure the lens end with the masking tape. These are the essential parts and tools needed 1.2 lenses 2.Hot glue gun 3.Thick Black Paper 4.Black Tape (any kind) Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Question Look through the eyepiece of your telescope and focus it on a distant object. MAMA FRICTION WILL HOLD THE LENSES IN PLACE. Reply but the planets throw up all over the place due to chromatic aberration. Hot glue the lenses on to their corresponding tubes.Make sure the two tubes slide into each other (refer to pic).This is the most crucial step in the entire instructable.TIP -While hot glueing make sure not much of the glue falls on the lens.This ruins the lens. :), 5 years ago on Introduction. Step 2: Lenses . Email. Share it with us! Clean any mess. make it a larger in diameter by using cardboard rings cut from the toilet paper roll . Share it with us! The telescope is a Keplerian model which shows inverted images but has a wide field of view. Make Your Own Telescope. There are many ways to make a DIY telescope found everywhere on the internet. Now you will decorate the lens of your telescope. NO GLUE ON THE LENSES . on Introduction, I ended up with a magnification of 3.Remember this is angular magnification so if initial angle of observation is 30 degrees it will become 90 degrees. Gather all your materials. Use the red and black tape to make stripes on the white posterboard (see illustration on page 55) to use as a chart. now make another truncated cone 10 cm long and having a little less than 5cm as the smaller diameter. 4.Black Tape (any kind). I made the telescope with some parts I had at hand you can try and improvise. 1 year ago. If you wonder where you can find that,go to amazon and search for google cardboard VR lenses. btw, thanks for the info. Make a Telescope Kids Science Fair Projects, kids Model Experiments for CBSE ISC Stream Students, Kids Activities, Craft and Art Ideas for Kids in Middle school, Elementary School for class 5th Grade, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th 10th, 11th, 12th Grade and High School, MSC and College Students. go ahead and close all the edges of the tube as shown in the image. this is to reduce the diameter of the tube from 50mm to 40 mm gradually. 2 years ago 2.Hot glue gun Again, these can be purchased, but they are also simple to make – we show you how to do so here using a catering-sized coffee container and some neoprene. You have made the two magnifying glass tubes and some part of them remains uncut. it is shown in one of the images how the lens fits into the tube. this thing can collect light from faint stars too .         focal length of second lens, Runner Up in the SciStarter Citizen Science Contest. Do the same to the edges of the paper as well. Here we have a black chart and a thick white paper chart(card paper). my scope has a good field of view and enough magnification to call it a spy glass . You can use this as a finder scope on a bigger telescope too (if you can somehow fix it to the bigger scope). Twitter. Make sure there is no other part of the paper touched by glue or you will get a crappy telescope as a result. I know its is not clear how it is done , just put the lens in the bottle neck and you will figure out the rest. Nice. a simple refracting telescope. Slide the two cardboard tubes in and out until you have a clear image. Check to make sure that the cardboard tube will now fit into the hole that was created with the craft knife. Buy two magnifying glasses.the first should have a large diameter and less magnifying power(2X,or 3X).The second should have small diameter and large magnifying power(6X or 8X ,the larger the better). just make the diameter enough for the chart to be able to slide in and out of the telescope tube . Paper towel roll; 1 piece of paper or cardstock; Tape; What You Do: 1. Well here's your answer to all these questions:-How to make a telescope!!! First, glue the paper around the two magnifying glasses. I think that I have made it in the most easiest way, from things that are already available in your home. Get two corrugated paper sheets and make two cylinders with those sheets. NOT EVEN TO THE EDGE OF THE LENS. The image formed at small distances will be inverted.But for Astronomy it doesnt really matter whether the planet is upside down or not.This same design was used by Galileo until be built his own design which made upright view. Did you make this project? Trace the top of your cup onto a piece of acetate. Cut the bottle neck off and secure the lens. 8 years ago The tube should fit snug, but still be able to move and turn. after securing the other end with masking tape "remove the toilet paper roll" (don't secure it yet). About: I am 18 years old and love to hack and fix stuff. DIY Smartkids123-October 19, 2014 0. THIS SHOULD NOT LOOK LIKE A TRUNCATED CONE. Can you please tell me does the type of lens matters. Step 1: Parts. Must Read. You can easily find it on amazon and Ebay for less than 3$. Step 2: Prepare the Telescope Body. hey...m nt gettng how to fix the lenses...? Two double convex lenses: the most important part of the telescope are the lenses , they have to be clean and of good quality. you can see that the tube now looks like a long truncated cone. you can see the bumpy lunar surface and three Galilean moons of Jupiter . once you've finished the last piece just slide it from behind the telescope all the way up to the front it must be tight and must not come off the front end of the telescope. cool, what kind of magnification did you end up with? 1.2 lenses I made this for my science project~. Great way to get kids interested in astonomy. Roll the black paper to form 2 tubes ,the first should fit the larger lens and the second should be able to slide inside the first one. thank you so much!!!!!!!! I am making a demonstration speech on how to make a telescope and this helped me out alot I got a A- on my speech!!! M=     focal length of front lens      This time, you need to glue the tubes the same way as … 3.Thick Black Paper Print. The white chart was thick and strong.

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