manley reference cardioid vs u47

I have used it side by side with a Telefunken 251 (original and reissue) and a Korby U47, and i prefer the Manley hands down. It would be nice to hear what opinions you have on it. But considering the price, I was really impressed by Bock 195 and was surprised at how good it compared against U47 and the uber-expensive Manleys, especially in the first test. For the second set of samples I would go for Reference Gold without any second thoughts. Here is the Manley Reference Cardioid, an all tube condenser microphone, designed to be the successor of the ultra rare U47. Neumann TLM 102 Studio Set. It recreates the same smooth, clear and thick sound of the U47 but with all of the advantages of a modern build. Neumann TLM 49. 5.090 € 138 . I'm running Universal Audio Solo 610 What do you guys think of the Manley Reference Cardioid Microphone ? 5.948 € 7.075 € Golden Age Premier GA-800G. I really liked the Bock 195 and the Manley Reference Cardioid in the first samples. 3.899 € 4.515 € 2 . Manley Reference Cardioid Mic black. Hi I would like to know what type of preamp you are using with the Ref C. I am in the same boat as the op, but here is the thing. 3.119 € 3.594,84 € 53 . Rode NT1-A Complete Vocal Recording. 679 € 122 . Manley Reference Cardiod Microphone. Neumann U87 AI MT Stereo Set. The Telefunken is a much better mic for drums and acoustic, but the Refc does that modern airy thing you are talking about. It’s not just the vocals, Manley Reference’s rich tone has been preferred for recording drum overheads, guitars and other instruments as well. 7.990 € 8.710,80 € Chandler Limited REDD Microphone. The Manley Reference Cardioid has been used by quite a bunch of famous musicians, such as Avril Lavigne, Randy Thomas and the famous voice actor Don LaFontaine, which shows us the versatility of sound produced by this piece of equipment. My Thoughts on the Sony C800G vs Manley Cardioid Reference for Female Vocals. The Reference Cardioid Microphone shares the same electronic attributes as the Gold Reference Series, but has a center-fixed cardioid-only capsule with a thicker gauge (6 micron) gold sputtered diaphragm. Brauner VMA. 168 € 1 . 1.466 € 2955 . First, I’d like to say that I prefer the AMS Neve 1073 to the A Designs Pacifica for both mics, but I only have one Neve 1073, so there wasn’t a way for me to do a same performance comparison with the Neve vibe. Well, after many hours of research I've narrowed my new mic choice down to the Manley Gold Reference and Bock 251. I´m mostly working with pop (male & female) and was thinking that this might be the microphone for me since it´s beeing used a lot (at least in sweden) and i really like the way it sounds on many sources (popvocals & acoustic guitars).

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