marbled murrelet nest

OREGON MARBLED MURRELET PROJECT. These stocky little birds dive for zooplankton and fish using their wings to “fly” underwater. Nesting Chronology Of The Marbled Murrelet Thomas E. Hamer1 S. Kim Nelson2 Abstract: We compiled 86 breeding records of eggs, downy young, and fledgling Marbled Murrelets (Brachyramphus marmoratus) for which the fledging date could be estimated. The Marbled Murrelet is a nearshore-foraging seabird that, in the Pacific Northwest, nests almost exclusively in old-growth coniferous. The biogeoclimatic zone currently used by most nesting Marbled Murrelets, the Coastal Western Hemlock (CWH) zone, is expected to increase in elevation and area, while the high-elevation Mountain Hemlock (MH) zone, which currently supports few murrelet nests, is expected to decline overall and disappear from many coastal areas. Francis Eatherington . Records were collected from California (n = 25), Oregon (n = 13), Washington (n = 13), British Columbia (n = 23), and Alaska (n = 12). The Elliott State Forest. The Marbled Murrelet Nesting Habitat Suitability Model for the British Columbia Coast (referred to here as the “BC Model”) predicts the amount and distribution of Marbled Murrelet nesting habitat. A seabird that’s also a forest bird, the Marbled Murrelet fishes along the foggy Pacific Coast, then flies inland to nest in mossy old-growth trees. The number … Mottled in milk-chocolate brown during the summer, adults change into stark black and white for winter. The OSU College of Forestry initiated a long term, comprehensive study in 2015 to assess and understand murrelet habitat needs in relation to a number of forest management issues. This cutting edge research applies new methods and technology to improve our understanding of murrelet nesting habitat requirements and factors that affect breeding success. Parents will fly up to 60 km from at-sea foraging areas to provision nestlings. Coastal old growth, like that found in the Elliott State Forest, is prime nesting habitat of the threatened marbled murrelet. … Coastal old growth, like that found in the Elliott State Forest, is prime nesting habitat of the threatened marbled murrelet. Murrelets are long-lived and rear a single young per breeding season, making populations vulnerable to declines in abundance.

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