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Though his childhood crush Oh Soo-ah (Kwon Nara), who works for his competitor, may get in the way. Here are some of the best Korean dramas of 2020. It aired on MBC from May 7–8, 2018. programmer and founder of who is working on creating a device that extends a person's life by storing their memories, emotions, and personality through voice recordings. ~~ Adapted from the manga Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You Edit Translation, Well-meaning, but socially awkward, Sawako Kuronuma is nicknamed "Sadako" by her classmates because of her similar hair cut with the main character from the horror movie "Ring." Moon Gang-tae (Kim Soo-hyun) is a busy health worker at a psychiatric ward, and has no time to find love. Han Kang-bae (Yook Sung-jae) encounters a mysterious pojangmacha (outdoor drinking establishment) that only opens at night. She's willing to do anything, including breaking a few hearts and causing personal damage to her opponents. Cast Sung Joon, Yoon Eun Hye, Kwon Yool and 2 more. Yes, this is a sequel, but you don't have to watch Dr. Geum-ja is still struggling with her career, and desperately needs a win. To me, you became the one ray of sunshine. Find Your Next Favourite K-Drama Here! If you want to learn Korean language while you are immersed with the realities of life, Drinking Solo is a must watch for you. The couple finds themselves entangled in dangerous affairs that could cost them their lives. He tries to create the likeness of his ex Kim Ji-soo (Park Joo-hyun) with the help of music engineer Han Seo-woo (Chae Soo-bin). You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Just Some ‘Masked Singer’ Mushroom Theories for Ya, All the Celebs Who’ve Endured ‘The Masked Singer’, The True Story of The Crown's Avalanche Accident. Wol-joo decides to hire Kang-bae as a part-time employee. 1. There's pharmaceutical company CEO Hwang Ji-Woo (Yoon Hyun-Min), and popular webcomic writer Park Do-Gyeom (Seo Ji-Hoon)—who grew up like brothers, but now have to compete for their crush's affections. ~~ Adapted from the manga Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You. She seems to have a perfect life, with a successful career and a happy family... until she finds out her husband (and other people she trusted) betrayed her. Yoon Hee-jae (Ju Ji-hoon) is a lawyer who is absolutely confident, but he meets his match in Jung Geum-ja (Kim Hye-Soo). Seo Hyun-Joo (Hwang Jung-Eum) is the leader of a webcomic planning team, and she's hyper-focused on her career, with no plans of finding a partner anytime soon. If you read this, you have probably watched tens or hundreds or maybe even more Korean dramas and are looking for new series worth your attention. Watch List. Because his dad's a gambler and his mom abandoned him, he provides for himself. Lie To Me ~ Korean Drama | Favorite Scenes Part 1 - YouTube This skill definitely comes in handy when he helps criminal profiler Han Sun-mi (Lee Se-young) hunt down a serial killer. (2010) Well-meaning, but socially awkward, Sawako Kuronuma is nicknamed "Sadako" by her classmates because of her similar hair cut with the main character from the horror movie "Ring." Now that their children are all grown, the flaws in their family begin to show, especially when Jin-sook decides she wants to leave her marriage and start anew. You’d also learn the … We’ll give you the phrases and their meanings. We’re going to cover some of the most common Korean drama words, phrases and expressions that are used in your favorite shows.. That’s because we know how fun it is to be able to watch Korean dramas and understand what’s going on without subtitles, so we’re going to help make that happen!. Her life takes a turn for the better, however, when Shota Kazehaya, the most popular boy in school, falls for her... If you're not watching Korean dramas, better known as K-dramas, then you're missing out in several ways. I'm Crazy, For You!) While there are libraries full of essential K-Dramas from years past that absolutely deserve your attention, this year's roster has brought some really good new options that belong to the canon. But as they chase down the killer, they both spiral while thinking about their own troubled pasts, and figuring out the answers to the string of killings becomes more complicated than they thought. But instead of chasing what once was with his ex, he winds up falling in love with Seo-woo. The heart-wrenching and fun Goong? Together, they deal with the corruption in the hospital, try to stick to their principles, and may or may not find some romance along the way. But Hee-jae isn't going down without a fight. Will you be one of the mythical creatures in Nail Shop Paris? The fantasy drama is based on the ancient dark folk tale The Legend of Arang , … I don't know what sort of magic these shows posses, but there's nothing like a K-Drama to put my emotions and fangirling tendencies into overdrive. Native Title: 바람피면죽는다. Korean drama series and China Japan Thai series and movie's on request This channel is made to entertain you and manages to get help from different channels and groups. You’d be able to acquire a substantial breadth of Korean words, phrases and expressions in this drama. You Drive Me Crazy (Korean: 미치겠다, 너땜에! I hope that, to you, I will become. Soon, the two manage to unravel each of their dark pasts, and work through their trauma together. Synopsis. But if you’ve already gone through that list of K-dramas and are looking for more, here are some that you might want to check out. Now, she has exactly 49 days to reclaim her place in her family, or else she'll be forced to move on from the earth and into the afterlife. Subtitles English, Italian, Serbian and 46 more. But one day, the deities decide to bring her back to life. Also Known As: balampimyeonjugneunda , barampimyeon jukneunda , You Cheat, You Die , You're Dead If You Cheat , If I Cheat, I Die , Barampimyeon Jookneunda , If You Cheat, You Die , Dare You Cheat On Me. That lit up my lonely hours gone by, And became the promise of … Kristin Cavallari Just Played FMK With Her Exes, Shop Lululemon’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals, Miley's New Song Might Be About Kaitlynn Carter, 25 Best Winter Songs to Listen To When It's Cold, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. The show follows the friends as they go through the physical and emotional challenges of working in a hospital, dealing with patients, and living their own lives outside of work. Her life takes a turn for the better, however, when Shota Kazehaya, the most popular boy in school, falls for her... About Episodes Subtitle team Reviews & Comments. But just as she declares she wants to remain single, two men confess their feelings for her. But one day he meets children's book author Ko Moon-young (Seo Ye-ji), who suffers from antisocial personality disorder. What he doesn't realize immediately is that the Ssanggab Cart Bar is actually where both the dead and alive gather, and they actually visit customers in their dreams to help resolve their problems. ; RR: Michigetda, Neoddaeme! Ep. Then there’s his close friend Lee Yoo Young as Han Eun Seong who is French/Korean translator. It's run by a woman named Wol-joo (Hwang Jung-eum), with the help of former supernatural investigator Chief Gwi (Choi Won-young). All the Pics from Charles and Di's IRL Royal Tour, Here‘s the Deal With ‘Stranger Things‘ Season 4, Being Divorced Might Be Tayshia's Biggest Strength, Your Official ‘DWTS’ Season 29 Elimination Tracker, Every Theory About the Killer on 'The Undoing', Gwen Stefani Just Walked Off 'The Voice' Set.

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