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There are tons of designs for AFK fish farms or other automatic fish farms, which are all excellent ways to farm not only rare items and enchantment books, but also some food and extra XP. Pixlriffs has a great guide on how to create a straightforward Enderman farm. For those that feel super intimidated by more complex experience farms and just need a tiny little boost to their survival experience without any frills, there's a simple way to farm experience with only kelp needed. 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Wattles in particular has a very easy to follow tutorial on how to nail down the design and mechanics of the farm. That being said, building a guardian farm is a monumental task, since it requires draining the entire ocean monument. Here's a great design by Dataless822. If resources are not a problem for the player, they might as well go big with their XP farm designs. Plus, thanks to the introduction of new mobs such as the piglins that can be bartered with, players have new ways to farm experience points at their disposal. Once a villager is trapped over a body of water that pushes the zombies down, the player can just whack them with a sword for some experience points. With the introduction of piglins and bartering, players have been coming up with extremely interesting farm designs that not only incorporate experience points but also infinite bartering with a trapped piglin. Kelp is an interesting material because it can be grown, dried in the furnace and then used as fuel to dry more kelp. If not, mineshafts also tend to have cave spider spawners surrounded by towns of cobweb. However, gaining experience is a slow process. There are hundreds of different ways to design Blaze farms, but it's always best to pick a spawner that has a lot of natural cover, so that building around it isn't a chore and potentially doesn't kill the player. Updated on October 16th, 2020 by Anastasia Maillot: With every update the Minecraft team puts out the mechanics of farming and gaining experience points are always slightly altered. RELATED: Minecraft: 10 Pro Tips For Finding Heart Of The Sea (& How To Use It). For the ultra greedy players, who want maximum output and the least amount of materials used, this cactus and bamboo… Plus, it's certified to work on Bedrock, thanks to a wonderful design by ProfePlaysMinecraft. Although it requires quite a bit of stone and usually a great height to be built on, it can yield a lot of experience points and useful drops. This is particularly useful for players, since cave spider spawners are very easy to find due to how common abandoned mineshafts are in the game. For the ultra greedy players, who want maximum output and the least amount of materials used, this cactus and bamboo farm is the answer. BeckBroJack shows the strength of this simple yet iconic farm perfectly. While building a farm in the Nether can get a bit risky, Blaze rods are a necessity for the end game, which is why this farm basically kills two birds with one stone. What happens in this blaze farm is, a player must be in a certain spot, so that the blazes can attack that player. The design can be made as big or small as the player wants and has the advantage of using a resource that's usually readily available. RELATED: How To Make Paper & 9 Other Useful Recipes In Minecraft. Thankfully, like just about any other process in the game, players have figured out countless ways to turn it into a quick and efficient process. There's one design, however, that goes above all, as it nullifies any wear on the actual fishing rod. Not only is it cheap to make, it's also fully self-sufficient. RELATED: The 15 Best Texture Packs For Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It really does kill three birds with just one stone, and although it's not easy to build resource-wise, it's absolutely a must-have for players. It's recommended to build it far up in the sky, as shown by OMGcraft in his guide. RELATED: Minecraft: The 10 Most Useful Items, Ranked. RandomGgames constructs a great gold and experience farm with few materials worth copying. Spiders will be more difficult to trap due to their ability to climb walls. One favorite (especially at harder difficulties) is a Nether portal farm that pulls in pigs from the Nether and doesn't even require the player to kill the mobs themselves. For one, they seem slightly smaller than regular spider and for two, spiders in general have a tendency to be able to escape various structures by climbing walls. Overall, this farm is still worth it due to its sheer output of experience. Voltrox has a very easy and cheap design to follow. One of the designs made is by ilmango, who created a machine with so many portals it would essentially deliver the maximum amount of experience points to a single player. Cave spiders are considered the worst mobs to farm in the entire game. If a player is looking to farm a specific mob, Blazes are an excellent place to start from. With limited resources, making huge experience farms isn't always an option, but thankfully there's something for everyone's needs here. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. As such, it makes for excellent fuel for a simple experience farm, as shown by Farzy. This is basically an wide flat area made of bedrock, a material on which no mob can spawn. However, even with older content, dedicated players are always coming up with brand new ways to make things easier at the beginning of the game. Not only does this farm yield a ton of experience since Endermen are among the toughest mobs, but it also grants the player tons of pearls which come in handy when exploring the End islands. If a captain is killed, even better, because it will instantly start a raid due to the presence of the villagers. During any regular survival game, a player is very likely to come across a mob dungeons with a spawner at some point. For players who can't get their hands on bamboo or cactus easily, this is the way to go. This Blaze Farm Design produces you over 1000 blaze rod per hour and it's really easy to build. This particular design by Rays Works is excellent because it automatically provides gold to the piglin by killing off zombie pigmen and generates experience points as well as tons of items from the bartering process. Due to the update in 1.8, this design no longer works as blaze do not swim upward in lava. Once the player has actually reached the End and defeated the Ender Dragon, they might want to consider building an Enderman farm. Now, obviously, these are huge designs that aren't easy to pull off on survival but are interesting to grind for. By abusing this game mechanic, players don't even really need a spawner block to create a very basic farm. After building this blaze farm in my let's play I figured I would also make a quick little tutorial on it as well! A design by Avomance in particular works wonders. It's no secret that guardians are known to be some of the best mobs to farm in the game due to the decent amount of experience points they drop. Another purpose for which villagers are excellent for is attracting zombies to them. Now to the real meat of the brand new 1.16 Nether update. RELATED: 10 Minecraft Youtubers Worth Watching In 2020. If these closed off platforms are built over a large body of water far up in the air, the player will see an increased rate of monsters spawning inside, which will get pushed down by water and left at one or two hearts for the player to kill them off. By placing a bed and a few villagers in the middle to attract illagers, they can be guided with water down into a tunnel to kill them easily.

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