myq home bridge vs smart garage hub

The notifications can be a little temperamental at times, although I’ve found them reasonably reliable. This is my current solution, and it works pretty well apart from the odd outage noted above. It’s unclear if this is a HomeKit issue or due to the fact that all the status info is still passing through the Chamberlains cloud service as well. Chamberlain MyQ Home Bridge & Smart Garage Hub ergeben in Kombination eine smarte Garagentorsteuerung, die mit Apple's HomeKit kompatibel ist. The MyQ service also communicates the door state quite well, with not only open and closed status, but when it’s in transit as well. This only allows them to talk to other MyQ devices, though. Haven’t tried Hulu yet? The Chamberlain MyQ smart garage hub can support up to 2 garage door openers (you have to purchase an additional door sensor for MyQ for this to work - MYQ-G0302) you would require an additional hub for the third garage door. In the same vein you’ll need to confirm if you’re particular motor is compatible with this approach using Meross’ compatibility table. You can configure notifications on the door so it pings you when it opens and closes, and constrain those messages by time and who is at home (based on your Apple Home membership). LiftMaster and Chamberlain myQ Smart Garage Hub; LiftMaster and Chamberlain Internet Gateway (myQ Home Bridge is a replacement for this device and adds HomeKit compatibility) Adds both smartphone control and HomeKit™ compatibility to: LiftMaster and Chamberlain myQ-enabled garage door openers (has a myQ logo/no Wi-Fi logo) Adding the Home Bridge was as simple as a procedure as adding the Smart Garage Hub – connect to Wi-Fi and add to the app, but there is another step added to push a button on the Garage Hub to get the components to play nicely together. Issues range from simply not responding reliably or giving notifications in a timely manner through HomeKit, WiFi issues, and losing configuration after a power failure. Even if you opt to only use HomeKit, you’ll still need to set up this app first. The bridge is a typical smart hub, in that it’s a box that plugs into power and connects to your WiFi. There’s not much else to it physically, and all the configuration takes place in Chamberlains MyQ smart phone app. Be sure to confirm you’re specific opener model is supported using their compatibility checker. The two models you’ll be looking for are either the Chamberlain MYQ-G0303-SP or the LiftMaster MYQ 819LMB. More times than not, we come and go through the garage door, even when not using a vehicle. Yes, you will need a home Wi-Fi network with a strong signal in order to use the Smart Garage Hub. As the bridge needs to communicate wirelessly with both your door opener and you home network, you’ll need to find a location where it can do both. The rather annoying requirement here is for a five second audible alarm. Using the MyQ homebridge plugin, you’ll get full HomeKit support including door state and transit, notifications, and the ability to integrate it with automations. Chamberlain also makes garage door openers with MyQ built in, so the Wi-Fi Hub isn’t needed. It’s worth considering whether this is the best option, however. The ongoing nature of these disruptions creates some uncertainty with any access you may have to their MyQ service going forward. If your home is anything like mine, we don’t use our front door much. HomeKit allows for secure local control, but as the Home Bridge is still a normal MyQ device as well, it still expects and needs to have access to the MyQ internet service to work at all. Your email address will not be published. You get the bridge installed and powered up, then download the MyQ app on your phone and do the setup from there. Chamberlain hasn’t been making any friends in the smart home market of late, with what could be called anti-consumer behavior. While this is the more expensive option, the iSmartGate LITE (formerly known as GoGoGate) offers better platform compatibility, and true local HomeKit control. A bigger concern, however, is the number of users that have had issues with the Home Bridge product. There’s not much else to it physically, and all the configuration takes place in Chamberlains MyQ smart phone app. This can has caused some users issues as using any other means to operate the door, such as a car remote or physical button, will result in the door state being out of sync. You don’t need both types for a set up to work on HomeKit, the Home Bridge model will suffice, and will also act as a normal MyQ bridge/gateway allowing connection of you door opener to Chamberlain’s cloud service and MyQ app. If you don’t have either then you may be better off going with the iSmartGate from a cost perspective, as the LITE model will probably run you less than getting everything for this DIY solution. The bridge is a typical smart hub, in that it’s a box that plugs into power and connects to your WiFi. So long as you are installing the Home Bridge as your first MyQ bridge, it’s not too bad. This means I can ask Siri to open or close my garage door or check status – Very nice! It was an easy, straightforward setup, and worked perfectly. I found this feature particularly useful for ensuring my door was closed daily at bedtime, particularly because my daughters were notorious for leaving it open, resulting in a family of chipmunks living in comfort and the subsequent purchase of a Have-A-Heart animal trap to evict the little boogers. Thankfully there are good alternatives. The device was easy to set up. Almost 20% of user reviews cite these kinds of problems, which would give anyone pause. Set up customized notification and alerts so you know when you garage door opens or closes in real time, … However, because you’re going through the bridge, a mandated warning period is built in for safety reasons. I have 2 Chamberlain garage door openers with the MyQ technology. You really should spend more time highlighting the fact that Chamberlain’s choice to charge a monthly/annual fee for IFTTT or Google Assistant integration is beyond the pale.

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