names that mean love and light

This is a name you've probably heard once or twice and surely when you did it piqued your interest. This name was derived from the French esme which means loved. NEXT: 10 Baby Names Inspired By Westworld. If you're looking for a unique baby girl name that doesn't sound too uncommon, this name may get your attention. It finds a mention in the Bible … This makes it the perfect name for a little girl, right? A name can shape the personality of a person and can even determine what professions or desires they have in life. Serving up the hottest food trends and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide. We couldn't have a list of names that mean love and hope and leave out the obvious. Even though the name Thea feels ancient, modern parents are beginning to embrace it. Valentina may have a very nonromantic meaning but because the name rolls off the tongue so eloquently and reminds us of Valentine's Day, it is easy to see why this name is often linked to thoughts of love. Of course, names with love meanings can also work for any child welcomed into the world with love. It means ‘love, grace, and warmth’ all the wonderful qualities that you would want your little lady to have. We love the name Valentina. Once parents are told what gender they will be expecting, the process becomes even more exciting. Venus is also the name of a heavenly planet; it's an intimidating name to most parents but it's so beautiful in essence and style. However, the Greek goddess of light, who was also considered the mother of the dawn, sun, and the moon, was also called Thea. This may be the first time you are seeing it but depending on where you go in the world, such as Hawaii, it is very common. What's wonderful about names that mean love and hope is that you can travel the globe to find different variations. This is probably a name that you've never heard before but we're sure you'll fall in love with it today. 15 Of The Worst Pregnancy Tests Out There, My First Pregnancy Was So Bad I Didn't Want To Have More Kids, Love Island's Jessica Hayes Surprised To Learn She's Pregnant With Baby No. Nadia made its debut in France during the early 20th century. This name is one of our favorites because of what it represents. It's actually a very easy name to fall in love with because it sounds a lot like Valentine, often associated with Valentine's Day. It's amazing how this name, though not consisting of many letters, has such a rich sound when it is said. Now imagine how her cute giggles will brighten up your days. Aimee has French origins and is derived from the French Amee which means beloved. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. Milena is a lovely name of Czech origin. Children with the name Vida are believed to have a deep inner desire to use their leadership abilities. In the late 1980s and most of the 1990s, the name Imani showed up often on popular baby name charts. The love between a parent and child is like no other. One of the most exciting moments when planning for a baby's arrival is deciding what you will name your baby. So, what do love and light mean and how can you send them to others? The name made its chart debut in the 1800s. 3. Other popular bearers of the name are two queens: the wives of King Henry III and King Edward I. For names meaning love, look below at the list for some endearing inspiration. To do this now, consciously focus on your breathing as you relax and focus within. And not only because of the spelling, but also the simple meaning; Femi has Egyptian origins and means love. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. The name is derived from Faith which means unquestioning belief and trust in God. Name experts consider this name to be a feminine version of Milan. The main variation of the name is Eleora, and common nicknames are Elly and Liora. 23. The graduate of Kenyatta University Hospitality and Tourism program enjoys reading, travelling, listening to music, and catching up on her favorite TV shows. Little girls with this name are believed to grow up to be independent, ambitious, and successful. Love has English origins and is considered to be a word name. Let there be names that mean light! This name has French origins and is believed to be the French form of the Russian Nadya, a nickname of Nadezhda which is derived from hope. Simply the World’s Most Interesting Travel Site. Abner: A Hebrew name, Abner means ‘father of light’. Faith has Latin roots. It oozes confidence and beauty, qualities that your daughter will have. Nera is pronounced as Nee-rah, and the beauty of naming your daughter; this name is that it is short, sassy, and classy. Valentina is considered to be the feminine form of the name Valentine, a saint's name. It is a strong, bold name, and despite not having been in use for long, more parents are beginning to favor it. Often, names that are short like Mina are combined to form new names that go on to be very popular on baby name charts. We can give baby names meaning shining or literally shiny. Little girls with this name are believed to be creative and really good at expressing themselves. RELATED: 10 Gender-Neutral Baby Names For A Cancer Child. Kalila has Arabic origins and means sweetheart; beloved. Names such as Glitter shines just like the sun! Hope is one of those names that will forever be a mainstay. An example is Ellen. Ashia is a lovely addition to any baby name consideration list and one that may win you over easily. This name is believed to be a derivative of Aisha. Just by the sound of it, it isn't hard to see why parents are falling in love with this precious baby girl name. Nahara is simple yet endearing and intoxicating. This name is perfect for parents who want to have a bit of the classic with a touch of the modern. Kalei is a beautiful name with cultural elements. Amadeus Love. This name has a vintage yet delicate feel … Imagine her amazing toothless smile every time she looks at you. 1. Valentina has Latin origins. Nayely: Nayely is another name that we adore. You can almost visualize your daughter's big brown eyes looking up at you every time the name Zora is mentioned. This is probably one of our favorite names on this list. Amara Rooted in Greek, this elegant and regal name rolls off the tongue. This name is naturally beautiful. Take a moment and imagine holding your cute princess in your hands. There are no known variations. One might give their new baby boy a light name from this list if they birthed the child during troubled times. Serving up the hottest food trends and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide. Zora is extremely unique but also a beautiful name. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. Asha has Indian origins and comes from the Sanskrit word for hope or desire. Kalila, though not at the top of any charts, has been growing in popularity since 2013. So this is an ideal pick for parents who want a name that sounds like the usual but has it's own spelling.

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