nebula through 8 inch telescope

It was vey good at home in light polluted Hertfordshire. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. You did not say your location, but you asked about the Cat's Eye nebula AND "Carina" (which I'm assuming you mean the Eta Carina Nebula). File:Hourglass Nebula region of Messier 8 (M8) in the 32 inch Schulman telescope on Mt. I have seen so many deep sky objects with this Newtonian. Lemmon, AZ.jpg 8inch telescope visual observing - posted in Deep Sky Observing: Hi! The … I am wondering how would deep space objects look through a 8 inch dobsonian from a bortle 4 zone. Trying playing around with the pro mode and taking short exposures in various ISO's you can "walk in" the optimal exposure time to stop the star trailing and get a cleaner image. I have seen the ring nebula, andromeda, M15, and the orion nebula already and I was quite happy with the views. Now i want to know if you can give me some pics that look similar to what you can see live. But have taken it to the dark skies of Dorset. Even then, they are quite subtle through an 8-inch from a dark area. Through a larger 200mm (8-inch) telescope, M8 is a wonderful sight. The "Pillars of Creation" in M16 would require a much larger telescope in a dark sky, and is best seen in long exposure photographs. A smaller telescope and in light polluted skies will likely show no color. A scattering of faint stars are superimposed on the nebula. The planetary nebula NGC 7293, also known as the Helix Nebula lies in Aquarius about a … I took these using a note 10+ in the cameras pro mode and a 4.5" dob: M42 -1 M42 - 2. Meade NG-60 and NGC-60 also … In a 12-inch f/5 telescope the Veil Nebula in Cygnus is beautiful, and so bright that one notes it even when sweeping. While you can see the Eagle Nebula easily with a 6 or 8-inch telescope from less than stellar sites with nebula filters, the Pillars of Creation are acutally quite hard to see unless the skies are very dark. Small scopes of the order of 80mm (3.1-inch) aperture show the nebulosity split into two distinct sections, separated by a dark dust band. larger, telescope. I have recently bought an Orion Optics 8 inch f4.5 with 1/10th wave. But in a 5-inch f/5 the Veil is visible only with difficulty to keen eyes. Messier 30 The nebula is easy to find as it is located roughly 40 percent of the distance from Sheliak, Beta Lyrae, to Sulafat, Gamma Lyrae. In your question, you mention a comparison of a NASA image with a view of the same object through a telescope. It has been magical.

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