newt harry potter movie

The Harry Potter film franchise is undeniably one of the most unifying forces of our time. We recently reported that a new Harry Potter film might be making its way to production, sooner than everyone had anticipated. Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Movie Plot. The story of this upcoming movie will show us a grown-up Harry Potter as the story takes place 19 years ahead of time from the last Harry Potter movie. It has been nearly nine years, since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 hit the movie … Newt asks for it even less, but Dumbledore drags him into it and, when an old man, he is often criticized for asking too much of "the boy" Harry Potter. Claim: A video shows a trailer for a new Harry Potter movie that is set for release in 2020. A new Harry Potter movie is reportedly in the works and will be a loose adaptation of The Cursed Child stage play, set 20 years after the last film. Harry Potter … While it may seem cruel to accuse Dumbledore of using them, he uses them because he trusts them to do their part and that trust paid off with Harry … Let us hope for the sake of Harry Potter fans that doesn’t turn out to be the case. Of course, this had Harry Potter fans working themselves into an excited frenzy at the news they had all been waiting to hear.

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